After searching around for a design, drafting, stencil cutting, and light table with a portable design, I found there really were none. Most of the plans are big and bulky, I lack a lot of space in my home office and wanted something that could easily be moved from my desktop and still employ all of the functional aspects of the 4 tables I wanted.

"Portable 4-in-one Designers Station"

Step 1: Materials and Tools


A large board (any type of plywood or study craft board larger than the glass used)
A piece of glass (I used one from an old screen door)
Smaller pieces of board (or off all from the plywood for the legs)
Armor Etch glass etching cream (found at any craft store
Masking tape
Hobby knife
L brackets
Heat shrink tubing
12 volt power source

Tools used:
Like my other instructables any comparable hand tools can be used

Table saw
Miter saw
Drill and bits
Drill press
Soldering Iron
Heat gun
Tape measure

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