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-Turn the shirt right- side- out. YOU just made your own recycled tote bag!
Fill it with groceries, gym clothes, pool supplies, library books, etc! Keep one handy in your car!
T-shirt Totes are Machine Washable, Reusable and Strong! Just say NO to "paper or plastic"!
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Thanks for the instructable! I have some old theater shirts I want to keep but can't wear anymore, and I'm considering something like this.

emartel11 year ago

also if you want one but have no extra shirts, do to good will or savers, you can purchas them there at dirt cheep prices and your helping other by spending $$$ there.

charmom152 years ago
I love this idea!! Thanks!
for real thats it wow im amazed and in love
Cool! That's so simple....wow, I'm hooked. I'm really hooked. Don't call today, I'm busy making a t-shirt bag. :)
sandy-g4 years ago
EXCELLENT....I love it!!!
THIS BAG IS AMAZING!! Thanks a bunch <3
andreskyj4 years ago
love this great idea im going to make a bunch congrats
JessickaRay4 years ago
I love this i'ble. Thanks so much for it!
leky4 years ago
pety4 years ago
Great idea, already made a lot of these. Very populair with friends and family.

I also use the sleeves and make small pouches of them. A long small strip of the t-shirt fabric works nice as a drawstring.
You can fold the bag and put it these pouches. Easy to put in your purse.

WhyHello4 years ago
Had fun! made two, they actully look prtty chic! (tho i bought new ones for 3 bucks X3) I'll pst pictures soon!
erinogrady4 years ago
I love this! I'm constantly buying the recycled grocery bags, so this will really help!! I've already made a couple out of my fiance's old T's! I think i'll make a couple from my old ones as well, so I can have a few different sizes!! Very thrifty! LOVE IT! <3.
missunni5 years ago
hmm, it seems like a bit of a waste to my shirts.. it looks so simple and easy what could i do to make it more interesting and make it look less cheap.. :P if u kno wat i mean would i be able to make the opening in a V shape? i will still try this as it seems very easy! good job <3
You could always go with a solid color shirt and do your own appliqués. You could also cut the arm holes a little deeper down into the sides of the shirt as well as cut the neck hole deeper (and narrower) for longer handles.
CrystalDyes4 years ago
Great idea! I'm going thru hubby's Ts next week. One caution tho. There has been recent discussion about reusable bags for groceries. Designate one bag for meat only and wash it every time you use it. They, the germophobes, have found that the bags will grow E. Coli and lots of other nasties when "wet" foods are carried and the bag not washed between uses.
Fanny Fink5 years ago
Very usefull and looks easy (unless using the sewing machine) thank you :)
Love it! My guys favourite old t-shirts that are faded but too cool to chuck out will now be reborn :).
Jaanvi5 years ago
Thanx a ton! i am on it rite now!!!!!!!!........... my Mom will be so happy!
~Natasha~5 years ago
Great instructable! I'll try this. :)
squeaka13425 years ago
are the straps long enough to fit over your shoulder? ♥
squeaka13425 years ago
sounds great! just got a sewing machine & been wanting to do somthn like this.. but doesnt the ray neckline rip? would it be better to hem that?> or has it held up for you?
Amzy5 years ago
great job!
just wondering... is it strong enough to carry a lot of heavy books? i had a tote bag i made with cotton fabric and it didn't last because of the weight ): now it became a pencil case xD...
komecake5 years ago
  Great idea and so simple. Thanks. I'd just bought a couple of Green bags from Jo-Ann's instead of walking out with plastic bags. I really like them, but this is even better as I'll need a lot more for groceries!!! :)
kdarden5 years ago
this is a great idea! My grandkids will love learning how to make their own bags!!
i'm going to try this, also did everything turn out okay with getting your gold award... i'd like to know all about it.
AMBENDER6 years ago
I just did it with one of the dozens of old shirts I have lying around. My friend's sewing machine is giving me some trouble, but otherwise, it turned out great!! Thanks for the, how do you say... 'ible! ? ;-)
AIMEERS6 years ago
What an awesome way to cut down on trash! Great instructions! We all need a few of these.
hlaverdiere6 years ago
Very cute and simple idea and great project for kids and teens!
dsmccreary6 years ago
Wonderful project. I can't wait to try it. I've bee browsing through looking for a bag that is easy to make and this is the easiest one I've seen so far. I have tons of Tshirts around the house too. Thanks for your creative idea and good luck with your GS project.
walkerbarb6 years ago
Wow, I have a ton of T-Shirts I've been wanting to make a quilt out of but I think I'll give this a try ... good and easy....thanks
so cool. i was wondering if you could hand-sew it since i dont hve a sewing machine.=)
phraug6 years ago
this sounds awesome! i was just wondering....where you cut out the neck, does the material fray or unravel? especially after washing? thanks!
PMD65656 years ago
You did an awesome job with this instructable. I'm directing GS day camp in 2 weeks. The theme is "Being Green". I might just use your idea. Thanks!!
Asnia6 years ago
This is great! I've finally found a use for all of my size-too-small/size-too-big shirts! I don't know why this didn't occur to me earlier.
123321aly6 years ago
Thanks for the instructable! I just made one while watching a tv show. Took less time to do the project than watching the 30 minute show. Brand new to the instructable community. Thanks again!
paprika6 years ago
paprika says: Hope you got your Girl Guide Gold, sewmargaretsew. You certainly deserve it! I'd like to send your idea to WWF who are trying to discourage plastic bag use here in the UK Thanks for a great idea.
great job with your pictures and instuctions, very easy to follow!! I am inspired to go thrift store shopping and find all the funky tshirts to make the bags with!
oops, I mean instructions......
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