Picture of FAUX LED WINDOW!!
My husband and I will soon be finishing our basement. There are only two small windows down there and it is very cave-like. I've been  thinking about how I could brighten the space and came up with the idea of a lighted, faux window. Of course, my first stop was to look at Instructables for plans! When I didn't see exactly what I was looking for, I noticed the Make It Glow Contest and decided to tackle this project on my own. I had a great time building it and I'm hoping that, by hanging 2 or 3 of these in our "below-garden-level" finished basement, we can give the feeling of an above ground space. Hope you like it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can see in the following photos that I folded my LED tape lights into pretty sharp 90 degree angles. As my lighting has been erratic since shortly after this project was photographed, I think that is what I may have done wrong. SOOO--please do not fold your lighting this way--instead, use a more curving solution OR use inexpensive Christmas string lights!! I'm sure I'll eventually go back and change mine out!

Supply List:

-Window Blind in Desired Size (I used 31" wide and cut it down to 48" long.)

-1" x 1" Wood Trim Pieces at Least as Long as the Perimeter of Your Desired Window (Note: 1"x1"s are actually .75"x.75".)

-Screws or Bright Finish Nails--2" or Longer

-Sheet of Corrugated Plastic that is Larger than Your Desired Window OR Foam Board OR Poster Board

-White Non-Opaque Fabric to Diffuse LED Light--I used some sort of drapery-lining fabric.

-Staple Gun and Staples--1/4" Long OR 1/4" Wire Brads

-Flexible, Self-Adhesive LED Strip Light (I used RGB 5050 SMD 300 Leds LED Strip Light. Mine was 5 meters long.) 
            OR Christmas String Lights (White wire would look best.)

-If you're using Christmas String Lights: White Tape

-Optional if you're using LED Ribbon/Strip Lights: 44 Key IR Remote Controller

-If you're using LED Ribbon/Strip Lights: Power Source: Mine required a 12V Adapter.

Total Cost of my Faux Window: About $90
Total Time Spent Building Window: 2 Hours
bhvm2 years ago
very innovative indeed! love your write up.