WARNING: Uncertainty! (both material & human)
                     Don't forget that you will be working with a highly inflammable material & think hard before you apply alcohol to other parts of your body such as, err...your nostrils; yes, it burns.
So, read all before you start.             I take my paranoias seriously; you better do as well.
                     Many of you know that fax is a thermal paper, ie. heat sensitive on one side, but a few knows that it also gets drunk(!) ie. affected by alcohol. In this, my first, instructable we will deal only with the latter, Hyde'ing, side of fax. Dr. Jekyll also has boundless potential when you come to play with him. When you think of the ways thermal paper reacts to various sources & forms of heat you'd be amazed. (This will be another story, but you should start pondering on it. Let's see what we all come up with.)

Step 1: Ready, Steady

At least one roll of thermal(fax) paper
Alcohol (One I used is 80 proof lemon cologne, with a spray nozzle
A foam mat appr. a4 size (I used 1 cm. upholstery foam which is very handy for many things)
A fan of your choice (I used my hands)
A scanner
hey this is pretty awesome...
<p>Wait ! I can see the face of Santa Claus in that ink smudge .... sorry, I couldn't resist.</p>
<p>Awesome but disturbing...wait...that is ART!</p><p>Not sure if I want the BPA off of the thermal paper all over my face, but that is only one exposure and I would clean my face thoroughly afterward. Hey, if you are excessively masculine, a little bit of the BPA estrogenic compounds wouldn't hurt -- *joke*.</p>
scary thing... <br>
valla g&uuml;zel olmuş abey <br>
Thanks 8bit, that was an eye opener! Everyone who're intrested in faxing themselves should read the afore mentioned article. I also learned there that BPA is used in internal coating of food&amp; beverage cans, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers plus PVC, epoxy and whatnots. All of us who're into making things come in contact with some dubious stuff one way or another. Somewhere in the article I also read: &quot;if you don't have BPA in your body, you are not living in the modern world.&quot; I didn't mean to hurt youuuu !, I'm just an expeditious guy.
A warning. According to wikipedia articles on thermal paper and on bisphenol A, thermal paper contains significant amounts of Bisphenol A. <br> <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermochromic_paper
I don't! . If you think lemon stinks, try whiskey.
How do you get rid of the lemon stink afterward?
. Very interesting

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