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I knitted this FAIR ISLE sweater with all wool using size 8 and 9 16" and 29" circulars. The shoulder is 3 needle cast off. The sleeves are knit down from the shoulder. I used ALICE STARMORE'S book of FAIR ISLE KNITTING for inspiration, and did use some of her individual color patterns in the sweater. It is XL size to fit me.

Step 1: Color

The color combinations are difficult to see before they are knitted, and its a real chance thing.

Step 2: Large Pattern

The larger black pattern with the 3 color background was alot of fun, but a problem at first with the back threads being too tight. where there was no black pattern the thread had to be wrapped in back ever 4 stitches.

Step 3: Patterns

To decide which patterns to put next to each other is a real experience. Sometimes they look really good, sometimes they don't and you have to rip out.

Step 4: Sleeves

The sleeves had to be decreased quite rapidly from the shoulder, decreasing 4 stitches in each row of the underarm for 5 rows, then 2 every other row to get 40 stitches for the cuff ribbing.


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squaredancer (author)2008-02-12

Great Sweater Congratulations!

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Wow! Nice job!

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Really lovely

nobox62 (author)2008-02-12

Never seen anything more spectacular !!!!!!!

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Thank you so much for the great comment !

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