Step 6: Epilogue

Well, the truth was I was NOT CATCHING ANYTHING this time!!!!

But I must say in defense of the trap as follows:

1) I had no patience. ZERO patience. I am not a sportsman, I said it.

2) I didn't see any (live) fish in the vicinity.

Typically, every 10 or 15 minutes one remove the trap out of water, and there are 4 to 8 small fishes inside. In this way, in an beach afternoon you get, almost without work, several dozen of fishes to fry.

AN  EXCEPTIONAL CASE came 20 years ago: I put the trap in the Gualeguay river (Entre Rios, Argentina), I left it a good time, perhaps half an hour, and it was totally out filled with small catfish. When I say full, I mean FULL. There was not place for only one fish more. I had to disassemble the trap to remove the fishes inside. I guess that would be almost 2 kg. When I counted they, were 269! Again, it was a truly exceptional case, it was never repeated. Perhaps you will be the next...

(Bueno, el hecho es que NO PESQUÉ NADA!!! Pero debo decir algo en defensa de la trampa:
1. No tuve paciencia. CERO paciencia. No soy un deportista, ya lo dije.
2. No vi ningún pez -vivo- en la vecindad.

Típicamente, cada 10 ó 15 minutos uno casa la trampa del agua, y dentro hay 4 a 8 pececitos. De esta manera, en una tarde de playa se obtienen casi sin trabajo varias docenas de pececitos para freír.

UN CASO EXCEPCIONAL ocurrió hace unos 20 años. Puse la trampa en el río Gualeguay, (Entre Ríos, Argentina), la dejé un buen rato, quizás media hora, y al sacarla estaba totalmente llena de bagrecitos. Cuando digo llena, quiero decir LLENA. No había lugar para un solo pececito más. Tuve que desarmar la trampa para sacar los peces de adentro. Calculo que había casi 2 Kg. Cuando los conté, ¡eran 269! De nuevo lo digo, fue solo un caso excepcional, nunca se repitió. Tal vez Ud. sea el próximo...).

ssummers14 years ago
One thing for people in the U.S. at least- make CERTAIN this is a legal method of take in your state because the game wardens will screw you over otherwise.
DeanGPotts4 years ago
excellent, do you have an instructable for how to clean and prepare fish for cooking?
rimar2000 (author)  DeanGPotts4 years ago
Thanks, DeanGPotts. Unfortunately, by chance if I can cook a hamburger.
MOMJE94 years ago
jajajajaja caso excepcional, actualmente es muy dificil encontrar un rio con peces :(
rimar2000 (author)  MOMJE94 years ago
Yes, it is. When I wrote "a place where there are fishes!" I should have written "a place where there are ALIVE fishes!"
flashj4 years ago
what a great idea to re-use bottles that are often washed up on the beach anyway.

If Tom Hanks had this instructable, Castaway would have been 40 minutes shorter!

rimar2000 (author)  juliet88104 years ago
LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOLLLLLLL i reply to flashj comment he really make me laugth wuth his comment.
rimar2000 (author)  flashj4 years ago
Hahaha!!! You are rigth!!
Screwerman4 years ago
if I lost in the woods would use this idea
rimar2000 (author)  Screwerman4 years ago
Well, but beware of setting the trap in a place where there are fishes!
desertdog4 years ago
A great way to survive if you are lost. Even small fish are food. Sadly, you can find soda bottles almost anywhere. This was a good way to learn a little Spanish as well.
rimar2000 (author)  desertdog4 years ago
Thanks, desertdog. Really, it is as you say. A friend of mine makes fire using PET bottles that he finds on the Gualeguay River beaches. A pity!

I am enhancing my English since I joined to Instructables, in 2006.
thanks for the instructable! im a boy scout so we tend to pass alot of streams and rivers on the trail but never have a pole or way to catch fish! this is awesome and i will definitely be using this trap! ;)
rimar2000 (author)  spartanthree85 years ago
Thanks you for the thanks to me!
your welcome and do you know a good way to trap snakes? i would really like to learn how!
rimar2000 (author)  spartanthree85 years ago
If you refers to eels (I don't speak English) I know they are get using the index finger, they swallow it, one bend the finger and the eel stay so weak that one get is easily. I did not ever, but I know people who have done it
ok thanks but what i was talking about was snakes as seen here... http://www.snakesandfrogs.com/scra/snakes/cotton.htm
rimar2000 (author)  spartanthree85 years ago
Oh, no, these are poisonnous snakes. I hunted them in my youth using two sticks, with which I was hugging them on the ground up to the neck, after which I took them with fingers, making sure that they could not turn his head and bite me. Here in Argentina there are "yararas", a very dangerous snake.
ok thanks! im going to try that ;)
if u wan to catch bigger fish then all you have to do is heat the neck that u cut off the other bottle then get pliers and expand it so th throat is bigger for bigger fish
rigidmaster5 years ago
you are my idel i am totaly going to get a fish when i build one of those and give it to my girlfriend 
rimar2000 (author)  rigidmaster5 years ago
Thanks for your kindness, rigidmaster. Good luck with the fishes!
your welcome
fedecale5 years ago