Picture of FFVII Buster Sword Tutorial
This instructable will show you my method for making Cloud Strife's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. The basic plans and my final product are shown below. Now, let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Plans

Picture of Plans
It would be a good idea to take a look at these plans ahead of time if you're going to make this, mainly so you don't end up making everything up as you go along like I did. 3 sets of diagrams are shown below to help you better understand the structure of the prop. Sorry for the lack of metric units.
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lycoris36 years ago
you forgot something: there is another blade in the buster sword. if you watch the FF7 Advent Children, you see Cloud attaching and dettaching the second blade from the main one. just thought to let u know
ditto125 (author)  lycoris36 years ago
That is not the buster sword, the buster sword is featured in Final Fantasy VII and related games. FFVIIAC takes place 2 years after the main story line and Cloud ditches the buster sword, as is seen in the movie stabbed into the ground.
Hes right. Cloud has 6 swords in Advent Children and they all connect to make one big sword that looks like the buster sword its called the First Tsurugi
You really know your final fantasy... whos fave character? I heard that it was an awesom game aand i want to play it myself. Quick question is there a guy named black mage?no hes not black...at least i think so...
You really know your final fantasy... whos fave character? I heard that it was an awesom game aand i want to play it myself. Quick question is there a guy named black mage?no hes not black...at least i think so...
i thought the main blade was called the First Tsurugi and the other five blades combined with the First Tsurugi to make the Fusion Sword.
no the fusion sword is just a fan name, and the individual swords dont have names but they have been given nicknames by fans and creators, you can look it up on the final fantasy wiki for the names
"The film's creative designer Takayuki Takaya has stated the individual swords have no names, and no other names for them have been put forth by the creators other than "fusion swords" which was used during development. Due to a misunderstanding of a transcription of Tetsuya Nomura's words in the DVD commentary, the fully assembled form came to be called First Tsurugi; this was actually in reference to the main blade, and was originally called "ken", not "tsurugi"." this is what i got off the final fantasy wiki
yeah i actually made a mistake the fusion sword wasnt a fan name i just remembered
no biggie
yeah...but i'd bet that zack (if he was still alive) would kill cloud for not taking care of that sword...even if he does repair it nice sword by the way
No, Angeal would kill Cloud, he was IN LOVE with that sword
gammerguy1 year ago
THISISFREAKINGAWESOMEDUDE!!!!!!!! Althought i made one and couldent carry it fir more than 6 minuites but still very nice job is very realistic,
its a nice instructable and i made one like you explained here, but in my opinion its too thick like that and i reworked your idea. The one i made is only 2 cm thick and also the materia Slots are in the middle of the blade. I also found a way how to carry it around on your back. Im going to upload pictures of it soon.

But still, nice work youve done there^^
FreakyTiki3 years ago
also hand guard at bottom is made of four squares of metal
but it still looks totally awesome
FreakyTiki3 years ago
- spolier alert -
in FF criss core if you play the part before you vs angeal penance you see cloud as a part of soldier for he is in soldier uniform
please correct me if im wrong
just the way i see it
nenrikii4 years ago
it looks incrediblely close, but the holes, thier suppoesd to be in the middle not offset
csmith584 years ago
The question you guys should really ask yourselves is, does it really matter if the sword is Zach Fair's our Cloud Strife's? I mean it still looks awesome! Why criticize the guy?
sorry for double post but i forgot to add the ability to seperate the sword into two smaller swords so it will be less weight for both hands and u could make more stealthy.
I was wondering i know this will make it very complex and different is it possible for me to put rope and/or a switch (manual seperation is fine too)to seperate different sections of the sword so it could curve well, like a whip (not for a weapon). Sorry for all those who might hate this idea because of the change to the buster sword but I will like to try it out myself before i make any final adjustments
JcVince5 years ago
Lol This is Zack's sword in final fantasy :P But its cool
... actually in final fantasy it originally belonged to angeal. then it was passed to zack. and when zack died it was passed to cloud!
fnords7 years ago
well planned instructable, but FF is horribly lame
FFVIIBOY fnords5 years ago
You make me sick fnords.
ffy is way over rated
im gonna scream
aponatraza5 years ago
i have successfully constructed it from solid steel sheets. heavy as hell, somewhat sharp, very durable, not as agile as you think, and very hard and expensie to do. not reccomended for unprofessional builders. it looks lighter than u think and i gave it a battle damage look. all in all, dont try this at home.
First of all, wher else could you do it? Second, why dont you put a pic of Buster Sword apontraza i wanna see what it looks like :)
thelman116 years ago
r u going 2 make it out of meatal?
ditto125 (author) says: "I would estimate the final weight to be about 7 pounds (about 3.2kg for you metric folks). However, because the buster sword's design is so unbalanced it feel much heavier when holding it by the handle. Feels about 12lbs (about 5.4kg)." thus meaning chances of being able to weild it if it was made of metal are slim to none...but great idea
Thats why someone from SOLDIER can wield it.
FFVIIBOY ovan5 years ago
But Cloud isnt from SOLDIER, he just had Mako put inside him
But Angeal and Zack who had the Buster Sword BEFORE Cloud were frum SOLDIER
Minitzu6 years ago
Hey Ditto. FANTASTIC job of giving instructions. Amazing sword. My only concern is that i want to make the Angel's original Buster Sword from Final Fantasy Crisis Core. The only difference in the design is the lower part of the sword. Hilt basically. The holes where the Materia go are in a different spot, and there's designs on the side. (im sure you all know what it looks like) Any suggestions on how to make that part? Thanx bro.

His name is ANGEAL not Angel

ok so im not ditto but heres an idea are you talking about the gold part? if so then i would say to get a pic of the lower part of the sword and try to draw it...and for the materia slots im not sure about those
Dude if you made that buster sword look like in Crisis Core that would be AWESOME!!!
IIII7 years ago
it's really good you should try Leon's sword
FFVIIBOY IIII5 years ago
Actually hes only Leon in Kingdom Hearts his original name in FFVIII was Squall Leonhart.
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