In this instructable you will learn how to make the fgsa- flie-ing goose side arm.

as people have said, side arms are the new snipers.
the fgsa features a bottem loading handel magazine, true trigger, great sights and coming soon, a slim slide.

the gun fires gray single shot connecters from the magazine.

the gun has a good range and good acuracy.

pleease rate and leave a comment.

Step 1: Magazine/handle

not very hard, infact only 1 pic bec ause its so easy.
This is a decent gun. Shame you got banned.
how did he get banned
he got in a huge fight involving swearwords.
where is the fight
His Orangeboard.
k thanks also what r u working on now?
The mods will not be there, though, because Flie-ing GOOse is banned, because he spoke rude.
so will he be banned forever
I think so. He has been banned for months now. BTW: His guns were pretty good, but not the best of all.
maybe i should talk to eric for info
he was only banned this long because he is under 13 years old.
I wonder when he'll be 13?
I wonder when you will be 13 myself.
I'm 14 if you're wondering.
im 13 in a few months. but dont tell eric.
he is probably going to be soon
just my guess
It was Do_not_turn_off_the_power's fault
Heck no. He started the *bleep*ing argument. Dang kid ticks me off.
right, I'll bear that in mind...
normally, he would have only been banned for a week. But, He had admitted to being under 13.
this is to damn confusing
o ya and 5*
nvm i fixed it =D<br/>
every time I pull the ram back, it pushes the round into the crack in the trigger any suggestions?
how far dos it shoot
depending on the rubbewrbands oviously very far, because the barrel doesnt have much friction
er.. can you give more so feet cuz the trigger you use is kinda weak.
what u mean?
like 25feet or some thing like that
Interesting. I find it a little too big for my use but that could be fixed easily. Don't forget the iby.com competition!
i think we may have just started a wave of side-arms...
Well IMO it happened soon after you posted your SA. I just wanted to make the Halo SMG. I came up a with a cool handle for it and though it would make a good pistol. I figured everyone else was making pistols even if they were single shot so I cut down the SMG and pt a trigger on it and thus the TDS was born...ever since then I think others just &quot;wanted to be part of it&quot; Like with the wave of snipers before. Thus the phrase &quot;Side arms are the new snipers&quot; <em>TheDunkis</em> was born<br/>
Is there a chance of you posting your assault pistol with rifle attachments ????
probaly not, sorry.
Sorry i meen combat pistol.
man lots of side-arms are being posted now. ahh what ever there cool anyway :-) nice gun.
Me likey, +5 =]<br/>

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