F.G.S.A Flie-ing Goose Side Arm





Introduction: F.G.S.A Flie-ing Goose Side Arm

In this instructable you will learn how to make the fgsa- flie-ing goose side arm.

as people have said, side arms are the new snipers.
the fgsa features a bottem loading handel magazine, true trigger, great sights and coming soon, a slim slide.

the gun fires gray single shot connecters from the magazine.

the gun has a good range and good acuracy.

pleease rate and leave a comment.

Step 1: Magazine/handle

not very hard, infact only 1 pic bec ause its so easy.

Step 2: The Ram and Mag Pusher

very easy, the ram is like this so it can comply with the slide that will be coming soon

Step 3: The Trigger

again very easy

Step 4: The Barrel

a simple barrel, very good because it doesnt give much friction.
pic 1: gather/ make these
pic 2: attach like so
pic 3: add last pannel

Step 5: Rubberbands

you will need at least 3 rubberbands, a small one for the trigger, a medium for the mag pusser and however many strong ones for the ram.

Step 6: Loading + Firing

to load simply insert gray connecters up the handel on the side, with the socket end facing the ram, then insert the mag pusher and rubberband.
to fire simply pull back the ram until it goes to the end of the barrel, pull the trigger.



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