the easy way to make writing with fire.

Step 1: Gather Fire Materials

1.you will need a lighter, or match.
2.a tube of flammable glue ( i found that the super glue brand fix-all glue works the best BUT DONT USE REGULAR SUPER GLUE IT IS DANGEROUS)
3.a space where you wont burn anything down and is well ventilated.

Step 2: Writing

Next write something large with a nice amount of glue. then draw a line of glue beneth the word(s)

Step 3: Lighting

take a lighter or match and light the tip of the underline till it catches fire well. stand back.

Step 4: Enjoy

stand back and enjoy the total awsomness of a flaming fu
I just use gasoline to do that<br><br>
white lithium grease works best! good instructrable<br /> <br />
I have this spray de-icer that contains methanol which gives off a nice blue glow without all the smoke. Do it at night - during the day it is hard to see. Nice
Spray deodorants do the same, though I don't recommend doing this at 3 in the morning, while everyone is asleep and you're very bored. On the other hand, if you make a spray deodorant flame thrower while inside, it creates an awful lot of carbon monoxide, makes any fire alarms in the vicinity go off (including ones not even in the same room).
or on the school bus. oops my friend and i had a war on the bus using flaming spray deoderant cans it singed the hairs off of my arms.
Your school bus must be pretty crazy.
Hehe, yep. Actually its the ionized smoke itself, not CO that makes the detectors go off.
FLAMING&nbsp;SLIME<br />
hand sanitizer or lighter fluid works best for me :)
I'll mix alcohol with Elmer's glue!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAA
rubber cement works the best
There is also a product called "One match" by Rutland. It is intended for starting up pellet burning products but I find it fun to write with or squeeze out a blob of it and light on fire. You can find it at fireplace specialty stores or at some hardware stores. Worth finding.
use hand sanitizer like the kind you get at dollar stores works great and spreadable and can relight over and over makes cool blue flame and no mess after its great
Actually this is not a good idea. From burning glue you get black fumes what are carcinogen. Don't do this if you want to die in cancer...... //and it is not good for the environment:-D
Metho: cheap, simple blue flame without the toxic fumes... Also, it's hot enough to light a fire-staff from!
isn't that rubbing alcohol
no. rubbing alcohol is isopropanol (C3H7OH) not methanol (CH3OH) the simplest of alcohols
Use white-out. A lot more affective smells bad and leaves charred remains so clean up so your parents don't find out. A lot more powerful and so much better. Not knocking on the crazy glue but WHITE OUT IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. Easier to write with and a lot more defined.
heh my parents found the marks left by this and me and me bro got the talkin to
sorry, hey not liable
A bit obvious am i right?
you could also use spray paint, ive done it before and it works pretty well. the flames arn't that high so it makes it easier to read
ok sorry but, thats doesnt say fu. its a flaming mess. come on
You're kidding, right? The fact that you can write with a flammable substance seems to strike me as common knowledge.
this is rather: how to write on a surface using fire. if u'r using anything like u used, it must be over a large area to be able to read, because if I wouldn't have seen what u written while it wasn't burning, I couldn't read it. u should use something like smashed fire starter(solid one) and make an even line, or make a thin line with some aerosol spray
I thought I'd just share, but lets say you want to leave a message, burned into someones drive way say... forever. Buy some rubber cement, spell out your message, then light in on fire. The only way to get rid of the burn marks is too tear up the cement, lol. Trust me its there forever.
I did that with plastic glue. it smokes like crazy and smell aweful tho. I tried using lighter fluid, and it looks AWESOME.
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Its lighter fluid. I don't know why it burns like that.
wth? why is it burning like dat?
I haven't the foggiest idea.
freekin sweet man
Its lighter fluid. I don't know why it burns like that.
DUDE ive gotta trythat thats awsome! ty for the great addition to this instructable
you can use tipex to do this aswell but only when its wet
yeah, much easier
lol FU
I meant the de icer is hard to see. your shows up fine. BTW it comes in a red spray bottle (like windex).

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