Introduction: FIRE WRITING

the easy way to make writing with fire.

Step 1: Gather Fire Materials will need a lighter, or match.
2.a tube of flammable glue ( i found that the super glue brand fix-all glue works the best BUT DONT USE REGULAR SUPER GLUE IT IS DANGEROUS)
3.a space where you wont burn anything down and is well ventilated.

Step 2: Writing

Next write something large with a nice amount of glue. then draw a line of glue beneth the word(s)

Step 3: Lighting

take a lighter or match and light the tip of the underline till it catches fire well. stand back.

Step 4: Enjoy

stand back and enjoy the total awsomness of a flaming fu



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    I just use gasoline to do that

    white lithium grease works best! good instructrable

    I have this spray de-icer that contains methanol which gives off a nice blue glow without all the smoke. Do it at night - during the day it is hard to see. Nice

    Spray deodorants do the same, though I don't recommend doing this at 3 in the morning, while everyone is asleep and you're very bored. On the other hand, if you make a spray deodorant flame thrower while inside, it creates an awful lot of carbon monoxide, makes any fire alarms in the vicinity go off (including ones not even in the same room).

    or on the school bus. oops my friend and i had a war on the bus using flaming spray deoderant cans it singed the hairs off of my arms.

    Your school bus must be pretty crazy.

    Hehe, yep. Actually its the ionized smoke itself, not CO that makes the detectors go off.


    hand sanitizer or lighter fluid works best for me :)

    I'll mix alcohol with Elmer's glue!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAA