if you box does not respond or light is blinking, you have a power problem.
you need to replace a single capacitor on power supply board.
you will need :
a Philips #2 screw driver
a soldering gun
basic soldering skills

Step 1: Remove Cover and Supply Board

you will need to remove all screws (7-8) from the box cover.

Step 2: Idntify Power Supply Board

you will need to replace the capacitor marked with an arrow.
you can use a higher voltage rating caps and up to 100UF higher.

disconnect all cables  and remove the 2 screws holding the board.

Step 3: Photo Pdf

print this pdf if need the photos
I have a digital stream box and I was wonder what type of caps should I use
<p>I have the APEX DT250A and I can not turn it on, can you tell me what my problem is?? The red light is on but can do nothing else, is it a cap problem like comments below if so where do you get the new ones</p>
<p>I'm in process with the dtv box. Seems this proceedure will work with other electronics, too. Caps are one of the 1st to fail, yes?</p>
<p>This fix worked great my box was a apex 502 but the fix was still the same</p>
i have a bad apex 502 too, when i opened the box it has many capacitors, 2 -22muF400V(c1,c2 ) in big transformer upstream side and 4-470muF25v (c8,c9,c12,c15) in downstream side. How can i tell which of these capacitors is bad, or should i replace them all, Thanks,
hi,<br>you have a couple of ways to try and locate a bad capacitor without using special tools: 1- look for a deformed top where the X lines are cut, if the top is puffed a little, the caps might be bad. 2- when you power the board a bad caps will be dead cold or really hot to the touch.<br>caps are pretty cheap to replace and can be ordered online from digikey or go to a radio shake store. even if you replace all of them you are still ahead of the game.<br><br>Cheers<br>Arie
Hi, <br> <br>My capacitor is a 470uf25V. The 25V stands for 25 volts? is that correct. <br> <br>I can readily find a 470uf35V at my local radio shack. Can I use this higher voltage unit? <br> <br>keep in mind my converter is already broken so I am not afraid to take a little chance, and if it blows out again I will not take this as bad advice. <br> <br>thanks <br>Richard <br> <br>
not such a good idea, you might cause the next component to fail when the capacitor discharges. try using a higher uf rating if you have to compromise .<br>if all else fail go ahead and use the one you got, hopefully you will not see an issue.<br>good luck
yes it works i have fixed a hdtv stb tevion tev8200 and a sd stb tevion md29000 model and both work !!! i got the capacitor parts from old not working dvd player and old pc power supply for pc . i had to change more thane one capacitor in each stb ,just change them if thy look bulged , and the same voltage capacitors too be safe ,my capacitor where a little smaller size but the same voltage so it still works and i put pc fans in both stb boxes too cool them thy get hot !!!!!ps : i need a remote control for tevion sd stb tev8200 to control the stb
sorry not the tev8200 i ment the -sd stb md29000 not hdtv just SD STB I DONT HAVE A remote control FOR SD stb md29000 THANK YOU

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