Introduction: DIY CD / DVD Envelope

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So many times I eather had to give or get a CD / DVD to somebody and didn't have a box.
Until I learned this easy trick made of A4 regular paper.

Step 1: Place Disc on Paper

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Place the disc on the paper at the horizontal center and anout 1/3 of the vertical

Step 2: Fold Edges

Picture of Fold Edges

Fold the side edges on the disc

Step 3: Fold Bottom

Picture of Fold Bottom

Fold bottom edge and slide out the disc

Step 4: Insert Disc

Picture of Insert Disc

Insert the disc in the folded bottom between all folds

Step 5: Make Easy-Insert Folds

Picture of Make Easy-Insert Folds

Fold the two upper corners for easy closing the envelope

Step 6: Fold Upper Edge

Picture of Fold Upper Edge

Fold the upper edge on the disc

Step 7: Insert and Close

Picture of Insert and Close

Insert the upper fold onto the buttom one closing the envelope


fronters (author)2015-01-28

Great! But its clean, why not create a label. That's a good program

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