Step 7: Transistors, LED, and Diodes

Picture of Transistors, LED, and Diodes
Bug Detector reference.jpg
Next we want to place the Transistors and Diodes.

Make sure you orient the transistors correctly. Check the reference image and have the flat side of the transistors facing to the left of the board. This lines up the transistors so the Emitter is on top, the Base is in the middle and the Collector is on the bottom. Q4 is the C1674 transistor and the leads will need to be bent out to fit the board. The BC547 transistors go to Q1 through Q4. 

With the LED and Diodes its important to pay attention to which lead is the Anode and which is the Cathode. On the LED one lead is longer then the other indicating the Anode. So your short lead is the cathode and should be on the bottom side of the board. The Diode's cathode is indicated with a white line around one end of it. That line should be facing the top of the board.

Like before bend the lead out a bit in the direction they need to go. Flip the board over and solder the leads into place. Then rout the leads and trim as needed.