Picture of FM receiver from old dead headphones
Have you ever wanted to listen to the radio while you exercise or just walking but also wanted not to wear headphones? This instructable will show you an easy way of transforming your dead headphones into a tiny fm receiver.
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Step 1: The materials and tools

Picture of The materials and tools
2011-07-13 17.17.22.jpg
2011-07-13 17.17.32.jpg

You will only need an old pair of headphones and a pair of scissors

Step 2: Cut the headphone cord

Picture of Cut the headphone cord
Now it is your choice where you want to cut the cord. Just be sure that there is some cord left before the headphone jack so as to be sure that there won't be any problem with the signal.

Step 3: The End

Picture of The End
Now you have got rid of the "Plug-In Your Earphones" error. This transmitter can be used with any device that has fm and can output from speakers