FMA - the Workshop Build.




Introduction: FMA - the Workshop Build.

UPDATE 11/01/2013
My new website is up. new year, new projects to come, exciting times.

UPDATE 21/09/12
Closer and closer every week, got a fair bit of the walls up and the workshop is coming together now too.

UPDATE: 24/8/12
So the frame, floor and some of the walls are up. Not that the new photos reflect current progress.
Thanks to everyone that has lent a hand over the last few weeks.

So I've been pretty busy the last few months, barely online, not particularly social in real life, my girlfriend hates me.  BUT.....
FMA is getting a new workshop though!!!!

I've been waiting ages to do this and now I finally have the opportunity.
Construction started the other day, still have a long way to go but soon I get to UNLEASH
Things to come-
New lathe, mill, tube bender, guillotine, sheet rollers, ring roller, power hacksaw.

Things to drag from my parents place (they're pretty happy about it too)
The MIG, the TIG, compressor, drop saw, english wheel, pneumatic plannishing hammer, shrinker, linisher, bench drill, compound saw,  toolbox.

First project CNC Router/3D printer.

Hopefully I'll turn this into a local maker space when I've finally got everything sorted out. I'm sharing with a few other creative people.

More to come.....



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