FMG-9 Mark 2





Introduction: FMG-9 Mark 2

this is a smaller more reliable (still not saying much)FMG-9 that the original..

better firing system
freaking cool
easier to use (or different.. depends on the user

no true trigger (yet)
complicated locking system
no magazine/hopper (potential for one though)
not the most powerful gun but it dose work

Step 1: The Stock/but

here we will build the stock and but of the gun

Step 2: The Handle

explains itself

Step 3: The Body

again self explanatory

Step 4: Barrel/shootie Thingy


Step 5: Assembly


Step 6: Rubber Bands/folding It Up

p.s. loading isnt hard to figure out so ya...



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    i modded it with and improved trigger better stock quicker reload and better foilding up

     kool gun but needs more steps on how to make the barrel    

    this part is too complicated you shouldve added more steps for this part

    sick,I am going to start building it tonight and finish it tomorrow morning!

    what r all the pieces that i need

    nice gun mate, tomorrow i gonna make it meself, thx for posting it!

    Wow! Lot better than the origianl (based on size that is) good work!

    I just finished a REALLY REALLY NICE FMG-9 It`s smal Compact (doesnt has a maggazine,Because it`s a crossbow firing system.) Shoots at about 30 to 40 meters !! (dont wanna calculate how many ft it is :P -_- ZzzZ And has COOOOOL LOOKS xD !!

    Sorry that there a little bit dark. 1: The gun (no back.stock as i told ya) 2: Removable magazine. 3: The gun with NO magazine folded. 4: End clip thing / second handle thingy 5: End clip thingy, Nice folded into the gun !


    i made a body of an FMG09 that has a trigger, a removable mag. and foldable ahndle (only NO BACK) can`t come up with one. So i,ll make pictures one day and i,ll post it make your own back/stock on it and tell me, Then i,ll look and u can call it a FMG-9. (made by ....... & beameron) xD !!!!!!

    well go to youtube and search for FMG-9 mark 3.. i made it today!

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    whatever here is the link

    sorry i ment find my mark 2 video.. and the mark 3 is a responce

    Any kind of collapsing/transforming model is indeed very difficult to make. You deserve a lot of credit for this one.

    cool! i might use some of your idas to improve mine if you dont mind

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    cool leme have a link or just tell me the name when its posted

    I don't mind, and I should have the vid posted in a few hours.

    Hey, I decided to have my own go at one instead of making your's and modding it with a true trigger. I have everything on mine done but the stock. Here are some specs so far: -True trigger mech that collapses with the handle -3-round grey connector hopper -Compact After seeing how you connected your stock, I should be able to finish and post a video later tonight.