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YAY! Seleziona brings out yet another awesome replica! This FN 200 has a mag behind the handle, a trigger that doesn't mess up, and shoots a blue rod 50 feet, or a muzzle-loaded red rod 60 feet! Is this the first bullpup that shoots 50 feet+? Whatever, look at the pics.



coolananias101 (author)2013-07-19

frozen cookies WHAT

rheath2 (author)2012-02-26

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, COOKIES! Wait...what about the milk?!

Sharir1701 (author)2011-12-28

Wall-E, my name. FN F2000 like. your other one's better though (i know you know)...

tthomasvd (author)2010-12-19

oh and, the title says F2000 but the text says fn200

Cheezpaper (author)tthomasvd2010-12-22

Yeah the official designation of this gun is the FN F2000 manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. Duhh.

tthomasvd (author)2010-12-19


Hunter O. (author)2010-08-11

I never noticed this slideshow before yod did a good job ( yeah the pendragon series are pretty good)

Seleziona (author)Hunter O.2010-08-11

ya man :D

mettaurlover (author)2010-08-11

Might as well follow up your success with the Dragunov and post this shortly.

jmm72 (author)2010-08-04

how many tags do you need? damn

james4 (author)2010-07-29

look at the related part of the screen lol

H1T4TCH1 (author)2010-04-09

 is it bullpup?

Seleziona (author)H1T4TCH12010-04-09


Try reading before commenting.

H1T4TCH1 (author)Seleziona2010-04-10

 haha sorry i didnt had enough time, my father wanted to get on 
the computer, sorry. :P

Seleziona (author)H1T4TCH12010-04-10

Haha, lol
And, yeah, it's bullpup...

pie25x (author)Seleziona2010-06-05

I may sound stupid but haty is a bullpup?>

Seleziona (author)pie25x2010-06-08

this gun is a bullpup...

pie25x (author)Seleziona2010-06-10

I know it's a bullpup but what does bullpup mean

Seleziona (author)pie25x2010-06-12

It means the magazine is behind the trigger.

pie25x (author)Seleziona2010-06-13

Oh thanks.

H1T4TCH1 (author)pie25x2010-06-07


skater builder guy (author)2010-05-20

post it!!!

Post what?

dinnertime8 (author)2010-04-12

who cares about the gun, give ma cookie recipe!!!!!!!!!!! jk

Seleziona (author)dinnertime82010-04-13


An Villain (author)2010-04-06

i have always had trouble eating frozen homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Seleziona (author)An Villain2010-04-07

Hmmm.... Maybe get some teeth first.....

An Villain (author)Seleziona2010-04-07

no, we always made them really heavy so it was like eating rubber, but they tasted all right.

Seleziona (author)An Villain2010-04-07

Oh, lolz

knexguy (author)2010-03-01

Honestly,  It looks nothing like it. Not that I blame you, it is impossible to make the gun bullpup and function well because of the short distance behind the mag.

Seleziona (author)knexguy2010-03-01

 I could've made the mag way further back, it just wouldn't be powerful, unless you want a giant stock :P
You don't know everything.

knexguy (author)Seleziona2010-03-09

Yes, as I said I don't blame you.  It may be interesting to play around with a mechanism that can maybe take a rod from the magazine (the magazine being in the realistic place) and push it forward into a chamber above the handle.  That way you could have a good pin draw length but keep the mag in a realistic place.  It would probably be very unreliable, but it could be worth a try, and it would save bullpup guns having to either be realistic or shoot well.

Seleziona (author)knexguy2010-03-09

So a true bolt action bullpup? Never thought of that, probably because it'd be near impossible to make..... ill think on that one.... maybe even make one after i finish my pump action gun.

knexguy (author)Seleziona2010-03-14

It would make for a very powerful and innovative mechanism.

Seleziona (author)knexguy2010-03-14

It sure would!

finmonster (author)2010-03-03

what happened to the instructable? ts gone!

Seleziona (author)finmonster2010-03-03


finmonster (author)Seleziona2010-03-05

it was up for a while and now its gone what happened did u unpublish it

Seleziona (author)finmonster2010-03-06

I aciddentaly unpublished it for a few hours, sorry!

finmonster (author)Seleziona2010-03-06


Seleziona (author)finmonster2010-03-07

No! Not cool!

barrax (author)2010-03-07

Awesome replica?

i dont think so...

good, but MASSIVELY out in some places, especially the stock and the front..

Seleziona (author)barrax2010-03-07

The stock cant be made shorter, due to the grey firing pin..... and i made a newer version. Look at the second pic on the title step page.....

MotaBoi (author)2010-02-27

 Nice gun!  I think there are still some thinks you should fix though.  Check out this website.  It the dimensions, versions and some other stuff for this gun.  As an overall gun, i'd say it's OK but as a replica it's not very good.  soorrryy :(.   
sorry but I wouldn't post  until you fix some of those things that are not picture perfect.  But then again, it's your gun, do whatever you want.  I'm sorry you think i'm too harsh, but I like replica's to be picture perfect, and you is almost there, but not quite there yet :)

Seleziona (author)MotaBoi2010-02-27

I'm sorry, i see the back of the gun is a little smaller on the real thing, but there is no way around that on this gun, unless you want a range of 30 feet :(

Sorry I'm not perfect :P
Don't build it when i post the instructions then.

MotaBoi (author)Seleziona2010-02-27

 lol even if it was better, i probably wouldnt have anyway because im making my own... as i think u already know :P

Seleziona (author)MotaBoi2010-02-27

I actually don't know!
wait..... oh... ya......
an fn 2000?

MotaBoi (author)Seleziona2010-02-27

 lol :P

Seleziona (author)MotaBoi2010-02-28

Is that actually what you are building right now? Because id like to see you do better on that gun with a grey firing pin :P

MotaBoi (author)Seleziona2010-03-01

 lol I guess it's a challenge ?!?  And yea I'm working on it now

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