FN F2000 (K'nex)




Introduction: FN F2000 (K'nex)

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Questions & Answers


i word amazing!!!!!!!!!

I can't get it up today. I will try to shoot for tomorrow.

I'm trying to post the instructions in a few hours or so.

looks great! =D

Thanks. I made a lot of changes to it and changed the look of it. Here is. Short list of changes-
Shorter clip
Complete iron sights
Less friction in barrel (better firing)
Smoother trigger pull
Longer pin (more power)
Smoother bolt pull-back
Complete top rail (for sight and scopes)
And a sturdier body

-yeah, it's a lot, but I want it perfect

Can you please post. This looks like it has less pieces than any other FN F2000 that actually looks like the actual thing. BTW I changed my rating to 5*s. Please post.