This is a slide-show of my latest creation, the Mk.416 SCAR-L. It is simply a FN SCAR-L mixed with elements of the Heckler & Koch 416, and some parts of my own. It fires a white rod over 30ft (when it fires) and at the moment it is very unreliable, but my main aim for it was to be a model not a firing gun. It also has a 'safe' mode, where the firing pin cannot be moved at all. So, take a look, enjoy it, rate and then subscribe for the full gun (coming in a few weeks).
People who helped on this gun: Nutty Guy (firing mech/Lower Reciever), Dutchwarlord (Upper Reciever/Magazine)  
I like it!
nice gun, instructions?
no dice. Tore it apart to make a Colt Model 733
This is very good, keep it up!<br />
Not bad!<br />
pretty nice work dude!<br />

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