Picture of FOBO bipedal walking robot
FOBO is the fourth prototype from Project Biped.  It is a 3D printed, self-contained, statically balanced, bipedal robot. It has 8 DOF (degrees of freedom) and can walk around its environment and avoid obstacles using an ultrasonic range sensor.  All of the designs, instructions, source code, and parts lists are provided for free.  FOBO was designed to be easily made by anyone with a low cost 3D printer and an interest in learning about robotics. 

Step 1: Static walking

Picture of Static walking
FOBO walks statically meaning that at every frame of the animation it is balanced and won't fall over if it stops.  The walking cycle is 10 key frames with 10 frames interpolated in between each frame.
Arduino Tech4 months ago

it says :

This report would have more information with

"Show verbose output during compilation"

enabled in File > Preferences.

Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows XP), Board: "Arduino Uno"

Remote_Control.pde: In function 'void SendResponse()':

Remote_Control:167: error: 'BYTE' was not declared in this scope

As of Arduino 1.0, the 'BYTE' keyword is no longer supported.

Please use Serial.write() instead.


kprasad67 months ago
Hello sir i m from india.I have made this robot bt as i m a beginner so quite unfamilier with arduino programming.I have used arduino and 16 servo controller shield for controlling the robot moments.I have read the navigation program of FOBO and felt some problem in some steps.Sir plzz explain me how FOBO moves forward as written in navigation program of FOBO so that i can modify and write code for my robot.And thnxx sir for sharing this articles.
my email adress is anantprasad2222@gmail.com
plzz sit help me in programming my robot.I wil be highly thankfull for you sir plzz plzz.
gogcoding8 months ago

Hello jdowdall, I like it, but it would be nice if you followed what Rohals said about "suggest the proper program or proper arduino coding for servos bcoz i followed all steps u suggested but while compiling its showing error and code is not processing further so please suggest proper and right coding as soon as possible…"

I already got really far and spent money to buy the pieces. That would be great if you could provide me with the coding part. Thx.

kms629 months ago

were can i get the fobo 3d parts to build?

naorocks10 months ago
I hope I can build one

good but costly (i mean 300 usd)

rohals1 year ago

please suggest the proper program or proper arduino coding for servos bcoz i followed all steps u suggested but while compiling its showing error and code is not processing further so please suggest proper and right coding as soon as possible...

nice project. i like it dude
mithun tr2 years ago
I love this robot i am going to make it
richimf2 years ago
I love this tutorial, Wow :D
H3ll33 years ago
Amazing project, where can i find the pieces to make the head and the legs, do u use a 3d printer? :)
Awww, that's one cute little robot! :-)
chuckcrunch3 years ago
have you heard of
jdowdall (author)  chuckcrunch3 years ago
Thanks for sharing the site. It looks like FOBO would fit in well ... I'll have to make a post there for sure!
Could this be made for those without a 3d printer?
jdowdall (author)  javajunkie19763 years ago
There are websites that will print 3d files for you. I checked out everyone I could find to see how much it would cost for people without a 3D printer to have the plastic parts for FOBO made. The results were ridiculously expensive. The cheapest site was Shapeways which cost around $360 with shipping. That is about a third of the cost of buying a new Thing-O-Matic 3D printer from Makerbot. My advice would be to buy a 3D printer and print the parts yourself rather than pay for someone else to make them. Once you have your own 3D printer it will take about 18 hours to print and consume around 1/5 of a spool of plastic (that's about $10 worth of plastic). If for some reason you don't want to get your own 3D printer I can make the Shapeways FOBO files public so that you can pay them to have it printed ( although it would pain me ;-).
profpat3 years ago
great project!
Oh wow, that's pretty amazing!
Mit1233 years ago
Love it, reminds me of the biped walkers in Star Wars ;-)
nnygamer Mit1233 years ago
ATST-- I thought the exact same thing. aka chicken walkers
I knew I wouldn't be the first person who had this as their first thought. Guess that galaxy isn't so far, far away!
XOIIO nnygamer3 years ago
It wouldn't be too hard to mod the case either, that would be epic XD
Mit123 XOIIO3 years ago
Now that really would be cool!!!
I know I'm such a geek :-/
SCIENCEPAL3 years ago
Awesome project dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
botguy243 years ago
Yet again wow! your bot looks so professional! It moves so smoothly too. must have been fun getting it to balance with that big box on top!
jdowdall (author)  botguy243 years ago
Thanks! There were lots of face plants while I was working out the walking cycle ... but that was half the fun. Future designs will have the batteries in the feet to help with the weight distribution.
wow It's cool.
axeman9113 years ago
Wow that is really cool!