This project first started out as little red sled ornaments but while searching thru my craft boxes I noticed some boas .  That started the little or big girl boa ornament!  I first glued t mini popsicle sticks (you can find in a hobby store...I found mine at Hobby Lobby)  After dried I glued two sticks underneath to give the sled the runners also.  I find using tacky glue is best. Then I painted each ornament, some pink, some blue, some  red, some purple........don't stop their paint whatever color you want. Next I rub down the ornament with some glitter glue.  This gives the ornament "bling"  Then I put an embellishment on it along with their name and year the ornament was made.  Next comes glueing on the boa.  Last is the ribbon that serves as a hanger for all. Girls from 1 to 92  love the look of these! What a wonderful personalized gift!


cyme58 made it!(author)2015-11-08

what did you use under the popsicle sticks while they dried so they dont stick to something else?

craftmasterluv made it!(author)2015-11-08

Good Afternoon! I used wax paper to let the sticks dry.

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