"Food for Fish Experiment",
a network activacted food dispenser for an aquarium located in Venice.
I made it using Processing .net library, Arduino and a servo motor.

Food for fish experiment is a web page that shows a 24/24 live streaming video of a fish in an aquarium. Thanks to an automatic device which can be activated remotely, you can feed the fish by clicking the FOOD-button placed just below the video box. An interface that starts a connection between the real and the virtual side, in order to create a series of relationships between the user logged on the net and a fish in an aquarium. It conveys a flow of information towards a static point in the world, simulating the coercion of information systems. It functions as an electronic and mechanical device operated by remote, transforming information into food for the fish which, being inserted into the particular time of the internet, becomes a victim of the network overload. Food For Fish basically is a work in progress, an experiment that takes advantage of the variability and misunderstanding which are typical of the network, and is not intended to have a defined resolution, but to sample the attitudes of the average user in relation with the non-places of the internet.
Whats the website if we want to see this?