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Introduction: FORMcard Tool Holder

Why not make this handy tool holder for your belt? It's great for gardening and means you will never need to hunt around for the tool that you have just put down! woohoo!

(If you haven't already heard about FORMcard, they are a handy pocket sized card of bio-plastic that melt in hot water.... see more at

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Your chosen tool!
  • Glass cup or jug
  • Scissors
  • Teaspoon
  • Metal ruler (or something flat and non plastic)
  • A surface to work on (we have used a glass plate)

Step 2:

Hold just over half of your FORMcard in hot water until it becomes floppy..

Step 3:

Use scissors to cut your FORMcard in half.

Step 4:

Submerge one of your two halves in hot water and leave until it becomes floppy.

Step 5:

Retrieve this half with your teaspoon. Gently stretch to make a long strip (it needs to fit around your tool so you can use this as a guide).

Step 6:

Smooth your strip around your chosen tool and leave to cool, this will be the tool holder.

Step 7:

Place the second half of your FORMcard into hot water and leave until floppy.

Step 8:

Stretch this half of your FORMcard into a strip.

Step 9:

Fold the strip in half and use your scissors to neaten any uneven edges.

Step 10:

Bend the strip around the top edge of your metal ruler and turn one edge up slightly. This is the part which will clip onto your belt.

Step 11:

Dip one edge of your clip into hot water and fix onto the tool holder section.

Step 12:

Voila! You now have your own tool holder!


  • Hi Mishin, sorry to ...-FORMcard

    FORMcard made it!


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It's cool stuff, no doubt. But if you want to advertise something, you need to provide a clickable link US customers It's a bit expensive, so the application needs to merit the cost.

Eg, 5 cards, $18USD Plus, it requires shipping.

Hi Nehmo, we are uploading a bunch of local stockists very soon if you wish to avoid postage costs. The reality is, it costs money to send things out! Check in the future for the list.

I wonder what else you could use instead of a form card. Maybe partially melt some PVC?