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Introduction: FPV Smartphone Monitor

Hi guys,

this is a short and simple instructable on how to convert your Android smartphone into a FPV monitor. You will need

The app also allows you to record your FPV video signal as a mp4 file!

Step 1: Insert the OTG Adapter Into the USB Video Adapter

Step 2: Insert the Video Adapter Into the Micro USB Port of Your Smartphone

Step 3: Connect the USB Video Adapter to the FPV Receiver

  • You can either use the composite video cable (yellow plug) or the s-video cable (black plug) for the video signal.
  • The red and the white plugs are used for the stereo audio signal.
  • Connect the battery to the FPV receiver.
  • Ensure that the FPV receiver uses the same frequency as the FPV transmitter.

Step 4: Open the FPViewer App and Connect

  • Download the app.
  • Open the app and connect.
  • The video signal is now on your smartphone screen. You can choose between fullscreen or virtual reality goggle mode (2 screens). You can record the video signal.

Have fun!



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    could you use this instead of the adalter thing

    1 reply

    That looks like an other kind of USB OTG adaptor. Mine looks like the cable below. The important thing is that when you plug the cable/adaptor into the Android device normal USB peripherals can be used.