Have you ever tried to look at the world from a different point of view? With this project you can control a tracked robot with your brainwaves or with a joystick while you are watching its camera's live-stream in a virtual reality glass.

This is an all terrain vehicle, that means that you can control it on snow, sand, any kind of ground, wet surface and of course indoors. It is powered by two 18650 lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2600 mAh. These are connected in series so the maximum voltage is 8.4 volts, that ensures the seamless operation. Can climb hills that up to 35-40 degrees. The maximum control range with the new HC-12 serial communication module is 1.8-1 kilometers if the controllers can see each other. That's insane! Of course the WiFi FPV's range is only around 45-50 meters, but the HC-12 ensures a very stable communication.

The Camera: the most interesting thing in this project is that you can see what the robot sees in real time with a salvaged camera. I had a cheap Chinese drone that was broken, but its camera seemed to be operating and when I took apart my drone I found a small WiFi chip with a video transmitter. I decoded that I will use this little circuit for a project and I started to buy and salvage the parts.

Two ways to control: (please read this) this robot has two controllers: a brainwave based controller that can be controlled with the user's thoughts and an ordinary, traditional joystick R/C controller.

By brainwaves you can move the robot forward, left, right and you can watch the FPV streaming through the glasses. This version is recommended if you want to build something really interesting and scientific. You will learn so much about the human brain and how it's functioning.

With the joystick and potentiometer combo you can move the robot in all four axis, in all directions with variable speed and you can control three white LED's that ensure the light for the camera. I recommend this version if you want to enjoy playing with it so if you want to have a precisely controllable and more efficient robot.

Step 1: Video

In this video I am showing you how can you control the robot outside and inside with the joystick and the brainwave sensor. Please decide which one would you like to build. (Or you can make noth of them...) I was really amazed by the world of Star Wars as a kid, that is why I built a device that allows you to control the robot by your thoughts.

If you want to make the Joystick Controlled Version follow Joystick Controlled steps...

If you want to buld the Brainwave Sensor Controlled follow Mindwave Controlled steps...

I am going to mark in brackets that which steps where belongs to, for example: "Circuit (Joystick Controlled)". If you liked the video give a thumps-up and you can gathering parts and then start building your robot.

<p>can i transmit Webcam data over HC 12 ?</p>
I have a problem with this code. The controls work, but after a while the motors keep running without giving a command (they keep running even with the transmitter off) It seems the arduino uno gets stuck in a case. I added three 100nF caps to each motor - without success. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
<p>Great idea. I got excited to use the FPV Wifi camera you link to for another project so went and got a couple off Ebay. Unfortunately what you link to is not a Wifi camera. May have been at one time and is 'advertised' and described by the 'store' as Wifi but they obviously either don't know or don't care what they are selling. Caveat Emptor to anyone else thinking of this.</p>
<p>Yea, I also got that camera and it does not seem to have any wifi. I also can not figure out what the wires are. When I open it up to look the yellow is marked ad positive and red as negative. Nothing is happening when I connect red to 3.3 V and black to ground so I am not sure it is working at all anyway.</p>
<p>I did get that far. You figured out the same polarity I got. If you have the SD card installed and then connect the black wire to the 3.3V it will start recording video for as long as its connected to the 3.3V. If you 'pulse' it by momentarily touching black to 3.3V, it'll take a screen shot and store it as a jpg in a separate folder on the SD card. It also has and records audio with the video. </p>
<p>Dualism is a lie.</p>
Hi I'm having trouble buildibg it. The uno-board (receiver) seems to receive signals from the transmitter (blinking while turning the joystick) but the motors dont run. Is it posdible that this joystick is not compatible?
Plz need help <br>
<p>Hello, yes I am here.</p>
For how many distance the camera work? It is work on wifi? <br>
For how much the camera work? And it work on wifi? I need same wifi source to connect it to my phone?
Can i do it without programing skills? I can just copy the code and past in the prog.app?
Yes you can ☺
Hello i need your help with sonething please can i you with email or any app like facebook ,....? This is my email Roudyhazzouri2001@gmail.com
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<p>Hi, AMAZING PROJECT, really loved it, want to try out something similar on my quadruped project,</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/QUATTRO-the-Arduino-Quadruped-Robot/">https://www.instructables.com/id/QUATTRO-the-Arduin...</a></p><p>but i have used up all my pins for the servos, any suggestions?</p><p>thnx in advance</p>
Bonjour, <br>Bravo pour votre projet. Une question : comment avez vous branch&eacute; la cam ?<br>D'avance merci
<p>hey, thanks for all the links and step by step instructions. my parts are all ordered and are begining to come in the mail. I got the double gear box first..what ratio did you build the double gear boxes? they can be built in 4 configurations...12.7/1 or 38.2/1 or 114.7/1 or 344.2/1. I am happy to play around to see what works, but what did you use??</p>
<p>I found this just now and thought it might help.</p><p>https://www.pololu.com/product/114/specs</p><p>If you look in the different tabs (specs, faqs) there is enough info to know what rpm each ratio will get.</p>
<p>Same here. My gearbox arrived today and I was wondering the same thing. The ratio used in the video looks good to me, so I was wondering which you used.</p>
<p>wow nice</p>
<p>amazing! voted all 3!</p>
good work
<p>very nice!!!!</p>
<p>Magnifique! Excellent Build!</p>
<p>wow. This is very good. </p>
<p>a tank controlled with brain??cant imagine what a full size will look like lol!</p>
<p>Du bist mir wirklich am besten, ich bin sehr stolz auf Dich! Viel Spa&szlig;, Erfolg und Ausdauer! Ich bin immer bei Dir Schatz! :)</p>
<p>Dankesch&ouml;n Kicsipuca! :) </p>
This is the coolest thing I've seen ever
<p>Thank you very much! You can give me a kindly Vote. ;) </p>
<p>would you be willing to sell this to me on ebay?</p>
<p>Sorry :) I can't...</p>
<p>verry nice</p>
Oh this is a verry nice project.I vote for you:))

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