Step 6: So Here's the Result....

The more time you spend filing, sanding polishing, the nicer it will look (dur). I couldn't be bothered. I just wanted to finish so I could go out and take pictures.
That IS what THIS is about after all! Speed - so you can take MORE pictures, faster. <mad scientist grin>
Excellent! <br>I am not a professional photography, I am an amateur and almost felt that some accessories for my camera was quite expensive for my economy, and honestly struggled to carry my bed with the handle originally comes with the camera ... instructive to see his tutorial ah me motivated to do it myself .... thank you very much ARCHellas.
You are very welcome! Glad you liked it.
Just made mine! Awwwweeesome. My padded part doesn't slide back and forth though--its built into the strap :/ No adjustable for me. One size (must) fit all.
I have made one with a fixed pad, it works fine because the pad is more comfortable, and the way the system works, it functions fine<em> (since the pad is not supposed to move anyway)</em> the only thing is it limits (only slightly) your adjustment capability.<br> Otherwise great. Glad you like it.
Hey! This is an awesome DIY! Bing in the US, 1/4-20 eye bolts are easy to find and the package came with two with the nuts! Added a nylon nut to go closest to the camera and bingo! And the strap I had was an old one I had been saving &quot;for something&quot;! <br><br>It wasn't quite free though. Total cost, about $1.75! A bit better than the $65 that B&amp;H wanted for the real deal!<br><br>Thanks!
<p>I'd like a photo of you using it, carrying if that's not a problem.</p><p>Thanks! :)</p>
<p>Thanks for your interest. I am not about to develop a whole marketing presentation for a DIY project!</p>
<p>Aaahaahah :D</p><p>Just wanted to see how it goes/works, as on the pictures I can't figure out at what level of the hip it goes and how you put it on.</p><p>But ye, I get the point ;)</p><p>Thanks for this DIY ;)</p>
a ha !so easy
Like all great inventions (the wheel, sliced bread, etc.) yes, it is easy, but until Ron Henry came up with it (The inventor of the BlackRapid) it eluded all of us, and I have been carrying a camera around my neck (and sliding off my shoulders) for over 40 years! <br>Make one, you'll love it.

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