How to make your own Christmas tree or repair/upgrade one.

Step 1:

What you will need:

-some christmas tree branches
-zip ties or wire or something similar
-vase (size depends on size of tree you want to build)
-damaged christmas tree (OPTIONAL)
-drill (OPTIONAL)
-decorating paper

I found my FREE christmas tree branches on the place where they are selling christmas trees. I asked them if I could get branches they cut off the trees and throw away. I asume one could get whole damaged christmas tree that way (or at least buy for very cheap).
<p>Hihi! Your Paint drawings are awesome! Well done!</p><p>How looks your Christmas tree for this year?</p>
You know you can get a WHOLE free tree on Dec 26. my family did that once
Why would someone want one AFTER Christmas? Just wondering!
a day before Christmas, home depot has a couple rejected christmas trees, which are free
Well pie 2323 I highly doubt you are any where as creative as this person. I think that is a cool idea.
You did not make the one in the picture because it is ugly and looks all wonky
Get any size :3 I&nbsp;got a 3ft one for my dorm!
my family two years ago a week before Christmas home depot stopped selling Christmas trees and we didn't want to buy one from stu miller because he sells his trees for 150-200 dollars so we drive around where home depot tree dumpster was I jump out of the truck scale the dumpster locate a tree that looked good enough through it down into the truck bed jumped down from the dumpster and drove off that all happened in about 45 sec and the tree was pretty good it was missing half a side but we put that side twards a wall anyway
Just be careful, short branches will dry out very quickly and become a fire hazard.
pretty sweet, you can make the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS TREE!

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