Introduction: FREE DIY Phone, IPhone, Tablet, IPad or Ebook Stand

This is a simple and

quick way of making a DIY smartphone (iPhone) or tablet (iPad) stand for free. You only need:

-Soda plastic bottle (empty)


Step 1: Cut Off the Bottle Top, and You Are There!

Cut off the top of the bottle and keep the bottom part. Then, cut parallel lines on both sides of the bottle, making a small “cup” as wide as your smartphone.

You are done!

To put an iPad, or eBook, cut one of the sides completely, so the back of the iPad or eBook will have a place to lean on. Make the small cuts in the lower side.

Simple and quick!

Check the video for the process:


jessyratfink (author)2014-07-09

How cool - first time I've seen these made with bottles :D


Thanks! I started using these bottles as a stand for my phone when I am at work, and then I thought that it could actually work with bigger things. And it costs absolutely nothing!

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