FREE Eco-friendly Wallet


Introduction: FREE Eco-friendly Wallet

This is my version of the bike inner tube wallet. The dimensions are pretty standard, I used my old wallet as a template, it is 7"x4 1/2". Originally I was using white thread but it was to thin and kept breaking, so I ended up using blue which unfortunately blends in with the black. However i didn't want to spend any money on this project which is why I stuck with blue.

Step 1: Tools

These are the only real tools you need. Of course, basic sewing skills would be very useful. Which is probably why my card holder got crooked.

Step 2: Cutting

The first step, after procuring a tube, is to cut it lengthwise. After doing so, the next step is to cut the tube to length. I used my old wallet as a guide while doing this.

Step 3: Sewing

The next step is to get everything ready to sew. I cut three seven inches long strips, then sewed them together at the long edges this makes a sheet twice as long as your wallet is tall. Then we make the card pocket . I took one of my shopping cards and cut a square of inner tube a half inch bigger on each side than the card. Then I cut a hole in the middle so my licence would show. Next sew the pocket on. After the pocket is sewn on you can fold the sheet in half and sew the short ends closed.

Step 4: Finished

That's all folks! Now go out and enjoy your new, free,green,wallet!  



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    13 Discussions

    Just for laughs I am gonna make one and call it a rubber holder!

    I find the Captain humorous... but you said it Sabata, There IS NOTHING new under the sun!!!! Good instructable nonetheless! ;) Cheers

    And I like how you didn't copy this guy at all.

    I feel sorry for people like you who have nothing better to do than bash on others. In future please don't think the worst of people.

    Dude, I was taking *your* side.

    Someone accused you of copying his instructable, when in fact his is very close to one published by someone else more than a year and a half earlier (the one I linked to). I simply pointed that out to him in the same way he pointed it out to you. Apologies if you felt I was knocking you.

    Perhaps I should have just said, "There's nothing new under the sun."

    Sorry it sounded like you said that I copied that guys ible. I'm sorry for any insult I've caused. Thanks for your support!

    No worries. :)

    I also want to add that I hope I haven't offended Capt. Molo. I didn't mean to come off sounding so pricky. ;)

    Thanks, this is my first instructable so I tried to be as original as possible.

    Technically anyone who makes a wallet would do it the same way. All I did was take pictures of different steps. So this is less a matter of copying as of having the same idea.