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this is the best way to have a great afternoon

Step 1: U Gotta Get the Frog Step 1

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getting a frog aint easy if u havent done it before. get in your pond and u gotta jump in the water then u sneak up near the mud and when u see a frog u can stunt it with a stick or rock but dont hurt it then u grab it by the legs

Step 2: Get Back to the House Before Dad Finds U in His Pond With Your Levis On

just jokin but dad can whoop me if u finds me but he is in the pasture

step 2 really is go to the chicken coop and get the frog in the henhouse or if they are feedin put it next the feed. then u see the chickens see not all critters get along right and well and the chickens hate frogs so the chickens peck the frog (dont worry this dont hurt a frog none) AND THEY claw the frogs with there feet but the frogs got methods to madness they jump away and it scares the chickens. at this point if u aint laughin then boy u must be dumb!! make sure not to leave the frog in over night cause without mud to eat they will rither away and die (i did this once and dad wasnt happy)

anyways hope yall enjoy this its alot of fun to do after chores


holymoses (author)2015-08-06

Stupid Bullshit!

leevonk (author)2006-06-12

mmm, mud

leevonk (author)leevonk2006-06-12

you aint seen no fun til you done put the chickens in the pond.

fishcatcher (author)leevonk2012-01-14

good golly that one made me chuckle hard, thank you kindly!

bowakowa (author)2006-06-20

I'm almost certain he's joking, as I'm from Southeast Kentucky in the deepest Hatfield and McCoy woods and I don't know anyone who would actually speak like that, much less integrate their diction into print. He should be ashamed of himself for putting this idea into the heads of those who might try but more so for propogating the last "acceptable stereotype". Seriously people, you pretend to be so high minded and accepting but continue to believe that country people are in some way less intelligent or cultured. Be ashamed of yourselves. I don't usually vent like this, and try to pretend I don't give a damn, but seriously, practice what you preach.

fishcatcher (author)bowakowa2006-06-21

kentucky aint the south boy

rhartlerode (author)fishcatcher2011-05-14


MindTorm (author)fishcatcher2006-11-27

Ahh man, I was really expecting a Deliverance quote here...

austin (author)bowakowa2007-08-04

quiet you

bowakowa (author)austin2007-08-06

Help, Help, I'm being oppressed! Now we see the violence inherent in the system!

austin (author)bowakowa2007-08-06

i said quiet , don't make me beat you with a sock full full of logic and soap.

bowakowa (author)austin2007-08-07

You really oughtta be careful what you say with that purty mouth a yourn, (happy now?)

austin (author)bowakowa2007-08-07

quiet bumpkin or i'll go deliverance style on you

bowakowa (author)austin2007-08-08

And we're supposed to exhibit violent tendencies and shun what we don't understand....ahh, youngun, your taking the fun out of it, making my points for me and all. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're being hypersardonic.

austin (author)bowakowa2007-08-08

I live and grew up in rural North Carolina I understand rural culture fine. I don't think that country people are any less intelligent than anyone else. Had a person who typed in urban slang created an instructable I would have said the same thing. Honestly you must learn to take a joke.

bowakowa (author)austin2007-08-08

I honestly thought we were joking. I was having fun.

reedzilla (author)2010-03-15

those aint no kinda levis, you're ok to get in the pond

BatGrrl (author)2008-01-20

I am crying laughing at this! LMAO! Next up : "Cowtipping."

Also, as someone from the Big City, Kentucky is a really, really nice place to visit, and I'm not even joking about that. Not that I'm going to leave Gotham for it or anything, but I've always had a kind and pleasant time when I've been there.

JohnJY (author)BatGrrl2009-12-10

Now yall what' cha gotta do is place your durn sholders between that end of the, uh, that, uh, that, uh durn cow now, and yall just push intwo it, and, uh, they them durn cows falls right over, and, then, yall, ah, um, ya run, befor that there owner comes out with his durn shot gun, and, uh, uh, ah, uh, fire's his their buck shot, and, uh, and, ah, uh skin ya'r little hid.

(All mistakes are on purpose...It's a joke...)

brandon borick (author)BatGrrl2009-04-28


Zander85 (author)2008-12-21


mycroftxxx (author)2008-05-10

Best. Troll. Ever.

trebuchet03 (author)2006-06-12

Dude... wtf? I'll put you in the bear pen.. watch you run around while you get mauled... All you're doing is creating an artifical scenario. And that's not nature in action... show me where you can find a bunch of chickens in closed area with a frog without you making this scenario. If you want to be sadist... fine. Just don't post it (including this) on public domain.

fishcatcher (author)trebuchet032006-06-13

well i am not a sadist i am a good baptist and all the lords critters are given to man. as i said the frog doesnt get hurt none, mostly the chickens just get scared. trust me i protect them chickens. we had some coons try to kill them in the spring cause they get wiley when they smell the chicks and we gotta either trap them in the cage and throw them in a lake or we shoot them. thats farm life and its how people have gotten along on farms for years. you come out here ill show you the true life, berthing a calf, pickin berries, makin ice cream with momma. its simple but its all i need. a country boy can survive.

MadScience#1 (author)fishcatcher2008-05-01


Cryptonat (author)2008-03-11

This Instructable should not even be rated as such. It is poorly written and extremely childish. Whoever wrote this Instructable should be ashamed. I know I am for even reading it.

Quick13 (author)2008-03-10


Illidan (author)2007-10-01

inbred hillbilly retard game i am by no way an animal rights person, and i hate PeTA, but this is really sick

bowmaster (author)Illidan2008-01-21

What have you got angainst People Eating Tasty Animals?

stevoIution (author)Illidan2007-10-28

Agreed, this guy has inbreeding written all over him.

Illidan (author)stevoIution2007-10-29


bobulator (author)2007-12-16

i didn't know frogs had warts, I just thought they were incredibly ugly.

stevoIution (author)2007-10-28


Bibyonk (author)2006-06-12

I think I've understood but can you please don't use too much abbreviations or stuffs like that for non-english to understand what it is about, thank you. In fact, you get laugh of the fog to jump insanefully ?

fishcatcher (author)Bibyonk2006-06-12

nah its the frog and chicken dueling like banjoes that makes me laugh!! its nature in action. also i didnt think of this before but it mite be good training for frog jumping contests at the 4H fair!!! ps- bibonk u gotta learn to use a spell checker!! are u russian?

Illidan (author)fishcatcher2007-10-14

what the hell?! he spoke perfect english, youre the one spelling everything wrong- what language is your spellchecker set to fishcatcher? mandarin?

savagenarce (author)2006-06-16

We did this once, but unknown to us was the fact that the frog we used was a "leopard" frog, with fangs and retractable claws. It killed a dozen chickens before we managed to get it out of the henhouse, and my dad gave my brother and me a good whuppin' for the damage to his chickens!

knexgunner94 (author)savagenarce2007-08-16

now youve gone and made me want to buy a leopard frog great!

kjabs6493 (author)2007-08-09

lol is it really that boring wherever you are?

austin (author)2006-06-12

I think that hes joking. im not really sure though. Your diction is really weird. most people who speak like that dont even know what the internet is.

bowakowa (author)austin2007-08-03

please see reply above, urban supremacist.

radiorental (author)austin2006-06-12

you hit the nail on the head mate. "dueling like banjoes" is a dead give away.

acer73 (author)2007-05-21

I love frogs and chickens, that is the most F'ed up thing i have ever heard of, learn to talk. This isn't even an insturctable, you should of just said "put a frog in a chicken coop"

froggydude (author)2007-02-17

i am a frog expert and frogs dont eat mud. and mabye you should see my instructable for frog armor

indomitable (author)2006-12-26


crapflinger (author)2006-11-03

frogs don't EAT mud...they may swallow some...but they don't EAT it...anyone who thinks frogs survive by ingesting mud is either an idiot or is doing some serioius drugs....and frogs tend not to DIE because they're out of water...if you keep a frog in a jar over probably died from stress....their skin will dry out...but it SHOULDN'T kill them

fencerdude92 (author)2006-09-28

Two things I want to say here. One, catching frogs is not that hard and you don't have to "stunt it with a stick or rock". Two, FROGS DO NOT EAT MUD. PERIOD. Too bad your dad is "out in the pasture" too much too teach you these things.

fishcatcher (author)fencerdude922006-10-09

if they aint eat mud how come they got it in there gullet all damn day plus they dead when u leave em out of the mud for an evenin

pyrotech_wannabe (author)2006-09-26


camscam (author)2006-08-17

haha annother good one is put a loop of scotch tape lossely arround a cat's front paw. most cats will go crazy trying to get it off and they shake thier paw like crazy untill they do. its so funny, I could do that all day.

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