Many of you readers probably don't play cricket much, or know the rules but either way, this ball can be used not only in backyard cricket, but also for anything you choose, from a baseball to a general biff-around ball, though heavier so better than a normal tennis ball. I personally find it very useful for backyard cricket, when i lose my rubber ball, but want something more weighted than a tennis ball!:) I hope you enjoy this simple instructable!!:)

Step 1: What You Need...

Tennis ball, electric tape and scissors.

Step 2: How to Do It...

1) Get the tennis ball, and wrap it in the electric tape until it is entirely covered by the tape, then continue wrapping as much as you want, depending on how weighted you want it.

2) If you are intending to use it for cricket, i suggest wrapping the tape in a line on top of itself around the center, until you have a decent-sized seam.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Thanks a lot for reading, i hope you enjoyed it and found it useful!!

Use the ball for whatever suits you best, and note it is best used in dry areas!!

And please vote if you think it deserves it!!:):)

<p>We use this idea quite a lot at school, when we hit too many of the proper balls over the fence...;)</p>
<p>where did u get ur inspiration from ;)</p><p>they are actually surprisingly good balls</p>
<p>where did u get ur inspiration from ;)</p><p>they are actually surprisingly good balls</p>
<p>yeah i hav </p><p>vote on mine plz</p>
<p>Please vote everyone!!</p>

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