HI this is my full automatic paper gun. belt haves kinda paper fan that make like a spring so the bollet can rise up. and just dont stop blowing so the bollets keep firering.

I WILL POST only if i get 10subscribers!!! out of this instructable.
<p>Awesome gun1! I made this but it could only shoot 4 bullets</p>
That is a great gun! Is there a tutorial up yet? Please tell me!
although it's a blowgun, i think it's one of the better ones i've seen. it's relatively simple, but works.<br>thumbs up.
You Really don't need an instructable to make this. it is relatively simple.
TY some one that isint s t u p i d And i actually made a instructable and they are to s t u p i d t o click on my name to see it. . . .
more ibles! less showibles!<br />
So far , these are the best paper guns i've ever seen. My friend makes some but they suck compared to these.
lol Ty
how is a papr gun FULLY AUTOMATIC
Can you show us how to make it?
lol i already did press on my name to see it
lol no its not thats old stuff now like every week i post guns.
does it realy shoot?
of course. but maybe the first time you will do it it won t cause u made the tube to big or small or u didnt cut were you were supose and all but yea it does shoot.
This looks pretty awesome I'm going to subscribe to you just to see more of your coolness.
ok thx haha
i already subscribed haha. don't you think ten is a lot? icould see 5.
yea yea heres how to make this gun <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-paper-gun-AUTOMATIC/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-paper-gun-AUTOMATIC/</a><br/>
:( too bad you wont show how to make them. :(:( PLEASE! :(:( PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!:(((
um yes i am showing how to make my paper guns. this 1 is on progress. click on my name for some other ones until i finish this 1.
blackmail? like w.e? i already posted this gun i think to whow how to make it.

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