FULL Maintenance Bearing Cleaning





Introduction: FULL Maintenance Bearing Cleaning

This instructable is going to show you how to do a full maintenance bearing cleaning for skateboards. It may take some time to do so get ready for taking the bearing a part and putting it back together. Well I will stop talking now and get this instructable going now.(this is my first instructable so take it easy on me)

Step 1: Geting the Bearing Out of the Wheel

1.Get the wheel off the trucks
2.The things you will have after you get it off 2 bearings 2 washers and 1 nut
3.Put one of the bearings on the axle and pull toward you with a down motion
4.Wheel with 1 bearing taken out
5.Both of the bearings on the axle
6.Do to all the wheels and this is what you should have 8 bearings 4 wheels 8 washers 4 nuts

Step 2: Time to Clean!

1.Rubbing alcohol try to get over 50%
2.Get a water bottle or some thing with a wide hole so you can drop the bearings in
3.Putting bearings in the bottle
4.All the bearings in the bottle
5.Pooring the alcohol in the bottle with the bearings
6.There's no pic but put the lid in bottle and shake the bottle with the bearings in it

Step 3: Taking the Bearing a Part

1. Pic of what it will look like after you take it a part
2. Take a little screw driver and poke the ribs out of the bearing
3. Go around the bearing poking it out
4. Another view of the ribs almost out
5. Ribs after they are out of the bearing
6.With out the ribs
7. There no pic but make all the balls go on one side and it should all fall a part

Step 4: More Cleaning!!

1. You will have all of that after you take it a part and it will be wet still
2. Get some thing and wipe the bearing balls dry and clean
3. Cleaning the ring part thingy wipe it clean and dry you will get alot of dirt from this is you never did it
4. Clean the ribs do the same as the others

Step 5: Putting the Bearing Back Together

1.Get your bearing cap and put it on your ring part of the bearing like so
2.Place all the ball bearing in the bearing ring thingy like so
3.Take a screw driver and spread the ball bearings out
4. Put the ribs in threw the back of the bearing and push it into the balls and they will go back in
5.Line them up in the places on the ribs and push the ribs in
6. Bearing put back together

Step 6: Putting Bearings Back in the Wheels

1. Get 2 bearings
2. Place the bearings on the axle of the truck
3. Put the wheel on top of the bearings like so
4.Put your hand on top of the wheel and push down one of the bearings will go into the wheel
5. Pic of one of the bearings in the wheel
6. Flip wheel over and repeat for all the wheels



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thanks for the advice i used this to fix mine and my freinds fidget spinner and didnt need the lubrication part so you gave all the steps :)

first i did this now my bearings are all rusted DONT USE RUBBING ALCOHAL

You missed the lubricating part! your instructable is very nice and detailed, but some important facts are missing, such as the lubrication and how to dry the bearings, but amazing iable tough! (Y)


no these are 4 seasons skate park wheels

You forgot to lube up your bearings! This can damage the balls and will cause them to not work as smoothly and they will not last as long. You can also use paint thinner (maker sure its mineral spirit not the white stuff) or gasoline to clean the old grease off.


i ride mine dry :P

oh wow, i could never.. i used oil based lubricant.. gets nice and hot, then again, i longboard~

what bearings are they?