Experience Level: Intermediate  |    Time Required: 4 Hours

Built by ClubJameco designer ignoblegnome

An incredibly fun and engaging toy for kids and adults. Press a button and something lights up. Flip a switch, and everything changes. You'll be amazed at how such incredibly unpredictable behavior can be achieved through cleverly connected switches and pushbuttons.

Build you own kit... The kit can be found on the Jameco website: Fun Light Switch Box

Required Tools & Parts:

Soldering iron and solder
Drill press (preferred) or hand drill
Drill bits (1/4", 9/32", 13/32", 15/32", 9/16", 5/8", 13/16")
X-Acto knife
Small flat or triangular file
Phillips head screwdriver
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Needle nose pliers
8x AA batteries
Double-sided foam tape

Kit Includes:

Switch, push button, black, OFF-(ON)
Switch, rocker, DPST, red, illuminated, ON-OFF
Case, ABS, 7.5" x 4.25" x 2.25"
Switch, push button, red, illuminated, OFF-(ON)
Switch, toggle, DPDT, (ON)-OFF-(ON)
Resistor, 1/4W, 680Ω
Switch, push button, green, OFF-(ON)
Switch, toggle, DPDT, ON-OFF-ON
Battery holder, 8xAA, wire leads
Switch, push button, red, OFF-(ON)
Switch, rocker, SPST, black
Heat shrink, 1/16" x 4ft, black
Switch, basic, pull-to-cheat
Lamp, panel, red, 12V
Prototype board, 3.5" x 2.5"
Switch, mini toggle, DPDT, ON-ON
Lamp, panel, green, 12V
Stranded mounting wire set, 10 color
Switch, sub mini toggle, SPDT, ON-OFF-ON
Lamp, panel, white, 12V
Wire jumper kit, 140pcs, 5 colors
Switch, mini toggle, DPDT, (ON)-OFF-(ON)
Lamp, panel, red, 12V
Header, vertical male, 1 row, 40 pin, 0.1"
kjsrocks6 months ago

I would love to see a video of this awesome project!