Picture of FUN LITTLE PURSE: recycle crafting

These fabulous purses are so adorable that even I have a hard time believing that they originally were slated for the recycle bin.   This project does have some steps that have to be done by an adult, but the beaded handles are fun and easy for children to do.  As a matter of fact, my five year old did the ones you see here.

  Oval shaped plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles.
  Leather punch OR a drill with various sizes of drill bits
  Needlenose plyers
  Xacto knife
  Dry Erase marker


Picture of THE BOTTLE:

As was mentioned under supplies, the bottle you pick should be oval in shape.  Any variation on oval will work.  It is just the perfectly round bottles that you want to stay away from. 


First cut off the very top of your bottle so that you can give it a good cleaning and peal off any advertising stickers.

doniseg6 months ago

i'm going to share this on my facebook page in hoping everyone can make some. thanks again for sharing. this idea, i will be looking at all the plastic bottles with all the diffrent colors in diffrent ways how i could make a cute purse. and they don't have to be for little girls.since every women has a little girl living in them.they are great for all ages,thanks. im really excited to start tonight. love donise feb 22,2015

cdawisconsin (author)  doniseg6 months ago

Thank you for your kind words. I would love to see a picture =)

doniseg6 months ago

feb 22,2015 wow, i knew if i saved all my plastic shamppo bottles and other. things. i could find something neat to make and these are really neat and fun.thank you for sharing. love donise god bless you amen

Wow! That is so cool!

really really cute. trying them today :-) thanks you

I made one for my little sister and she loves it!
cdawisconsin (author)  fuzzylumpkin11 year ago
I'm so glad to hear it. Thanks for telling me =)
myrrhmaid1 year ago
These are super cute! I want to make some! Thanks for the great idea!
these are amazingly 'cute'...looking fwd to making one for my granddaughter!
beader19863 years ago
These look like the perfect party favor for my daughter's 4th birthday party. It will be a my little pony party, so they will coordinate to the ponies really well!!! Thank you for the great idea!!!
mamalaoshi3 years ago
I just made three of these (I knew there was a reason I was saving all those empty bottles).
I found that the bigger the bottle, the harder it was to cut because the plastic was thicker. But it was a lot easier than I thought to cut the edges smoothly. I just used scissors and it worked fine.
Also I have these drinkable yogurt containers that are square that I cut to made a variation of a take out container- cut a semi-circle on each side with a slit.
And I tried using wired ribbon for a handle on one- also looked very cute.
I'm planning on using these as little gift bags, that is if my daughter will give them back to me.
cdawisconsin (author)  mamalaoshi3 years ago
I'm smiling because my daughter took all the ones I made too =)
Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!
They are adorable! The semi-transparent one is my favorite!
cdawisconsin (author)  katysface_job4 years ago
Thanks. You know, that is the first one I made, so it's my favorite also =)
cgubbels4 years ago
So adorable !! just curious before i start.. are the plastic cut edges safe or lil ones? has your daughter ever gotten cut by the edges or anything? thanks!!
cdawisconsin (author)  cgubbels4 years ago
Thanks and the edges are not sharp. If you have any jagged edges, you can easily smooth them out with a scissors =)
I love your ideas! Very clever and so cute. Kudos. I want to make some with/for my granddaughter. I think she will love this craft.
cdawisconsin (author)  sparkleponytx4 years ago
Thanks =)
Laurpud4 years ago
Those are so cute, & clever too! I wish my girls weren't in their 20s!
craftyv4 years ago
Absolutely Lovely. your "extra' ideas are great too. I am looking for appropriate bottles right now. Bye.
Mama Yin4 years ago
You have really blown my mind with this idea. They are so flippin cute. Thank you so much for this post. My lil one will adore owning one if not more of these purses. =) Getting to work on this right now!!
cdawisconsin (author)  Mama Yin4 years ago
I am so glad you like it and would love to see a finished picture.
sunshiine4 years ago
These are really cute!
mole14 years ago
Wow!! How did you get the printing off the bottles? The purses look super clean.
cdawisconsin (author)  mole14 years ago
Not all, but many bottles have the printing and information on a very thin sticker and it is quite easy to peal off. I stick to that kind of bottle for this project. Thanks for the comments.
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute! What a great reuse project.
tesla944 years ago
I wish I had thought of this when I was younger! Well that or my parents - I will make these cute little purses anyway.. and... oh that is so cute!