Here it is, the FX-9 Monster Pistol. The last gun in the FX-9 series.
They say "save the best for last" so I did.
This gun has a great range of 45 to 50 feet. Has a removable clip that can be preloaded. And a mag release. Credit to IaC for the over all looks of the gun. I wasn't meaning for it to look like the spiff but it just turned out that way.
Let me know what you think. It only takes 10 seconds. lol
Hope you enjoy.
sooooooo cool, please can you make instructions? <br>
So cool...
It looks a lot like a less &quot;bladed&quot; version of a Mauler.<br>
Sleek, yet huge. <br>Fiercesome design bro. <br>Five stars!
Thanks man! You do anything with knex anymore? You need to come back!
I did make a dunebuggy a couple a' days ago. Want a pica? <br>Got inspired playing Motorstorm Pacific Rift. <br>Lol
nice<br /> 5*<br /> pls post instructions<br />
Sorry its gone.
it is not that big hes just zoomed in on the camera <br>
It's about 14 inches long and 8 inches tall. You can tell how big it is by the parts used.
Looks great! What type of ammo does it fire and where's the magazine release?
Gray clips. Its on the bottom of the gun. It's hard to see.
Holy $%&amp;! Thats huge (Thats what she said lol) Its a weapon of intimidation
ur right it does look like a bigger version of spiff!
Have you done a how to i really wanna make this
ANOTHER person posted it with his permission. Link is in the comments below.
More or less.
Lol More like a club and less like a pistol. : )<br />
<p>I agree.....More like a melee weapon instead. Just talking about looks.</p>
ehh 4* because<br /> 1. No Instructions<br /> 2. Requires cut pieces<br />
WOW<br /> that's the biggest pistol i've ever seen, k'nex or not :D<br /> I wish i could build this, but <br /> A. not enough pieces and<br /> B. no instructable ...but keep the instructable to yourself, don't let the awesomeness out.. &gt;.&gt;<br />
your guns are awesome, you should check the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Subsonic-Sniper/">subsonic sniper</a> out<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Thanks, glad you like it. I checked it out and it looks good. Is it a ram or a sling??
&nbsp;kewl me likey :D
im gunna make from the pictures then turn it into a assult rifle but is it reliable or does it jam alot?<br />
<p>I never had it jam. But do I get a little credit??</p>
i just finished it and it looks great but i think i changed it a little too much but i did use your mag, well kinda, i change it up a bit too but im not posting anything. let me take a picture<br />
actually, i think ill post a slide show but ill have a link to your gun.<br />
right here <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/MPR12/">www.instructables.com/id/MPR12/</a><br />
biggest and handgun/pistol ive ever seen
and the the upside :P
can i see the trigger and where the mag goes because i have the look al but not the mag thing and the trigger. please!!!!
can you post this gun ??????????????
Probably not this gun. But Smilee posted it's brother the TRUAR for me.
1st off its tbuar and 2nd darn if i can see the mag release i could post this where did you find the mag release idea or did you bulid it you self
POST!!!!!! te-he
whats it shoot??
Gray clips.
right well ive made most ofthe gun just wonderig do you have a pic of the mag release
No I don't. Sorry
i don't want u to go off on me, and i'm not tryin to rush u, but do u have an estimated time that u would have this posted by?
My next gun is a run off of this ,but I will post this after that.
ok thanks man.
No problem

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