FX-9 Crossbow


Introduction: FX-9 Crossbow

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Here it is, my newest project, FX-9 Crossbow. This is the second project in the FX-9 series.

Here are the facts:
Extremely sturdy ( dropped it from 5 feet and it survived)
Amazing range for k'nex ( 100 - 130 feet )
Uses a trigger like the reaper but it also uses a track
it weighs about 5 pounds
shoots a small but accurate bullet but you can shoot a number of different kinds

Tell me what you think



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    That thing is so thick that a real crossbow might be cheaper than the K'nex cost of that O.O

    Mine craft pick

    please post pise count

    looks like a T!! cool though!!! 5/5

    Holy jesus. You could kill someone with that thing. You wouldn't have to fire it. Just wield it at look at them :/

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    point blank to the neck, sharpend rods

    Is that good or bad? And why??

    That's not good or bad just saying it sounds like what he said. lol


    The ultimate K'NEX war ( using iconic knexers) TheDunkis: Ha! i have you with my UMP-45! DJ Radio: My OSSR has got YOU my friend! KILLERK: Ha! i have you both with my SR-V2! TheDunkis and DJ Radio: CRAP! Killer~SafeCracker: Uh, guys? Every knexer out there in the war: OH CRAP!

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    Range isn't a number 1 priority in a war.  ROF and accuracy are.  Then Reload times, THEN range.

    a weapon that has good range will shoot hard and accurate from a strait range


    You get there attention. and they see you with the "anchor".