FX-9 Sniper Rifle


Introduction: FX-9 Sniper Rifle

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Here it is, The one the only FX-9 Sniper rifle!!!This is the first of five in the FX-9 series. This has been my secret project for the last 2 1/2 months.

Here are the pros and cons:

Range 70-80 feet with one rubber band (you can add more)
weighs 5 1/2 Pounds
new trigger design
11 layer design

uses a lot of pieces
no mag
bad bipod but if I post I will make a different one

Now that you know about it tell me what you think should I post it?



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    That seems to me like it is ridiculously overly complicated

    in the words of Doom... BFG "Big F**king Gun

    BAG = Blood and Gore

    Check out my channel

     i think it looks to chunky but thats my opinion still good gun

     how long did it take you to take it  apart? lol!!!

    PS i 5 stared every ible and slideshow of yours today :) enjoy! check out the ratings :)

    awz, but u built it, you should know how it fires

    despite the other negative comments i say post

    this has an interesting design and originality deserves an A plus, plus :D

    post it, this would be interesting to make ;)  

    2 replies

    or is it     :O