This tutorial will explain how to create a basic gash using liquid latex.

Here are the materials you will need:

- Brushes
- Toilet paper or tissues
- Q-tips
- Scissors
- Liquid latex (clear, white, or flesh colored)
- Foundation (to match your skin)
- Face paint (colors of your choice)
- Fake blood (I prefer blood paste, also known as coagulated blood)

Step 1: Adding the Tissue and Latex

Before you begin, it is always important to know what you want your wound to look like. Have that idea in mind the entire time. I find that if I start an application without a clue of what I'm trying to accomplish, I don't create anything worth noticing.

First, grab your liquid latex and a q-tip. Spread a thin layer of the latex across your skin on the area where you plan to have your gash. Place a piece of tissue over that latex, while it's still wet, and seal the edges off with more latex.

Now you just build up layers of tissue and latex until you get the shape and thickness you want. This was just a quick example, so my shape isn't all that fantastic. Try not to go overboard with how much you plan to leave on the edges, it's harder than you'd think to cover all that up.

Note: Spreading the latex on in several, thin layers makes drying time a lot faster than putting on one thick layer.

Once you have built up to your last layer, make sure you have covered the entire top piece in latex. I do this because once we cut it open, it will have more of a fleshy look, rather than look like torn paper.

Before you move on to the next step (cutting), make sure your latex is completely dry. Using a hair dryer for a minute or so can speed up drying time if necessary.

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