Today I'm going to show you how to do an airbox mod on your Fz8 as well as blocking off the AIS tube. Looking at the stock air box, I found that air induction on this bike is very restricting. So I researched and found out about the Lar's airbox mod. This mod consists of cutting the airbox. Also, after installing the new exhaust, the bike starts popping while decelerating. I found out that the AIS needs to be removed or blocked in order to get rid of the popping noise. The noise itself isn't horrible but I just wanted a more uniformed exhaust note from the bike. Blocking the AIS hose isn't a permanent mod so you can switch it back if you wanted to for whatever reason. All this was done at Techshop SJ!!!

Step 1: Lets strip her down.

Lets begin by putting the bike on a stand. Then we can start removing both rider and passenger seats.
the airbox mod could make your bike run lean and damage the pistons and valves. <br>the AIS blocking is ok.
Not if you map it out with the PCV
<p>So really this isn't a full instructable if it doesn't tell you how to &quot;remap the PCV&quot;. Otherwise the engine would be damaged, right?</p>

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