Introduction: FZ8 Airbox Mod and AIS Blocking.

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Today I'm going to show you how to do an airbox mod on your Fz8 as well as blocking off the AIS tube. Looking at the stock air box, I found that air induction on this bike is very restricting. So I researched and found out about the Lar's airbox mod. This mod consists of cutting the airbox. Also, after installing the new exhaust, the bike starts popping while decelerating. I found out that the AIS needs to be removed or blocked in order to get rid of the popping noise. The noise itself isn't horrible but I just wanted a more uniformed exhaust note from the bike. Blocking the AIS hose isn't a permanent mod so you can switch it back if you wanted to for whatever reason. All this was done at Techshop SJ!!!

Step 1: Lets Strip Her Down.

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Lets begin by putting the bike on a stand. Then we can start removing both rider and passenger seats.

Step 2: Open Her Up.

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Let's take off the front cowl using an allen wrench. Once finished, unbolt the gas tank from the front of the bike and prop it up with a piece of wood.

Step 3: Take Her Top Off

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Once the tank is propped, we can then remove the top of the airbox. Start with the screws around the perimeter.  The final screw is located in the top hole right in the middle of the airbox.

Step 4: Once Her Top Is Off....

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Take out the air filter. Then unscrew the velocity stacks. Each pair of stacks are held down by 3 screws. There are 2 pairs hence 6 screws.

Step 5: Spill the Guts.

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Lets un clamp the hoses at the rear of the airbox. I used a pair of needle nose pliers for this task. Take note of the orientation of the hoses. The hose on the left side of the airbox is the AIS hose. After all the hoses have been disconnected, you can now fully remove the airbox from the bike.

Step 6: Plug the Hole.

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I used a 5/8" plastic dowel to block the AIS hose.You can use a wooden one if you prefer. Just shove it in there!

Step 7: Plug the Other Hole!

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Now we're going to plug the other hole in the airbox. I used a 1/4" 20 by 2" nylon screw with a nylon nut. Rubber washer is optional.

Step 8: Making a Bigger Hole.

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Basically, we're just going to make the hole bigger on this airbox. You can easily do this with a dremel. I used a roto zip bit and a cutting disk. After cutting you may use some sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Step 9: Finish Up

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Once done, you can go ahead and re install the airbox and button up the rest of the bike. Don't for get to re map your PCV when you are done. As always, ride safe.


Roadkill2 (author)2013-06-07

the airbox mod could make your bike run lean and damage the pistons and valves.
the AIS blocking is ok.

jumb5150 (author)Roadkill22013-06-07

Not if you map it out with the PCV

AlexF143 (author)jumb51502016-05-21

So really this isn't a full instructable if it doesn't tell you how to "remap the PCV". Otherwise the engine would be damaged, right?

jumb5150 (author)AlexF1432016-06-01

After doing all this, it is advisable that you install a PCV then take it to the shop for a dyno run and remap. And no not remapping will not damage the engine. You just won't take advantage of the full benefits.

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