FabLab Band


Introduction: FabLab Band

At the FabLab we were commissioned to design a musical instrument. This instrument had to be made with all the machines at the FabLab . The maximum allowed size that we could make use of was 100x100x80. In order not to make it too difficult , we chose to make a simple band of different instruments. Our band consists of a guitar, drums and a samba box.

While making these instruments we had mainly made use of the lasercutter. To make the base of our band we used a computer controlled cutter.

The instruments consist of simple shapes. But by cutting grooves in the wood it becomes pliable and gives it a fascinating look. There are only small differences between the instruments and therefore they fit perfectly together.

Perfect for making music anywhere along with your friends!



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    This looks pretty neat. I'd love to see a video of this being used! :)

    What are the strings made of?