Picture of FabYearBook 2010
The FabYearBook 2010 is a collection of projects, stories and photos from the global FabLab community. Follow these steps to laser cut and print the first edition of the FabYearBook!

Note: If you don't have a laser cutter or would simply like to have a PDF version of the FabYearBook, click here.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Laser cutter
Laser printer
Hole puncher
30 x 60 x .3 cm plywood (you can also use cardboard)
Wire, rope or yarn for "Connecting the Dots"
1" Key rings or flexible rope for book binding
Scissors or pliers 

Step 2: Download Files

Picture of Download Files
Download the FabYearBook PDF [FabYearBook_DIY.pdf] and Illustrator file (containing the front and back cover) [FabYearBook2010_LaserFiles [Converted].ai].

Note: This [
FabYearBook_DIY.pdf] PDF only has the inside pages of the book -- without the front and back cover. If you are looking for the complete (non-DIY) PDF with front and back cover, click here.

Step 3: Print the PDF

Picture of Print the PDF
Send the FabYearBook PDF to your printer. The file is in A4 format. After printing, punch holes in the paper.

Note: The book cover will be laser cut with two holes 1cm from the paper's edge and 8cm apart (from the center point of the hole)

Step 4: Laser Cutting

Picture of Laser Cutting
Place your 3mm plywood (or cardboard) into the laser cutter. The illustrator file should be prepared for cutting and engraving, however, double check the file. All of the black hairlines are for cutting, while the red fill is for engraving.

We used the following settings on our Epilog Mini 35 Laser Cutter.

Raster Setting

Speed: 40%
Power: 100%

Vector Setting

Speed: 8%
Power: 100%
Freq: 500hz

Each laser cutter is different, so this may take a bit of experimentation.

I save all my cutouts and my kids take them to school to be used in creative lessons like art. At primary and infant levels they love this stuff.