Step 8: Paint and Dry

Spray paint the egg Red.

The paint job doesn't need to be perfect. It only serves as a background so that the white egg will not show through the beads later on.

Hang to dry.
Congratulations on being a Finalist. I think that your work on "Spidey" or Spiderman like egg is quite good. As lambsk pointed out your bead work is qutie good, and there are lots of egg artists in this world who can not bead as well as you. My Best Wishes to you, and continue your good beading techniques. Egg art is so much fun. Carole B.
It is hard to compete in this contest, now that all the professional egg-makers have gotten word of it. But just on a purely amature/creative/one-of-kind way, you would win this hands down! Awsome project and five stars!
Hey, good comment. I'd been trying to come up with a tactful way to say the same thing. I started building an egg project when the contest came out. But when the pros got it on it I just gave up. The Spidey egg is awsome!
Kelllbelll, eyegotback and makoshark4, I would like to let Kelllbelll know the work is awesome. The beads are straight, I see no glue showing and the creativity is over the top. I know many "professional egg-makers" that would have loved to have come up with this design. I am sorry you feel the way you do about the "professional egg-makers". The "professional egg-makers" were solicited into this contest via email from Instructables. And we were excited to participate. Not one of us had any intentions of making anyone feel badly. In fact, if you go to one of harizard's entries, you will find a comment by someone saying something about the egg they were making. Harizard's response was she would pull her eggs from the contest before having someone feel they could not or would not compete against her. She has done this in a "professional egg carving contest". Please don't belittle kelllbelll's work by calling it "amature". This is a beautifully beaded Spiderman egg. Makoshark4, please don't give up on your design. If you decide to follow through with it, I would love to see a picture. lambsk
lambsk, Very nice of you to take the time to write such a message. I did spend much time and effort on Spidey, and I'm very proud of him! Your compliments are greatly appreciated. I chose not to comment ont to the 2 posts your referring to, and I still won't. :) But thank you very much for doing so! KelllBelll
I have to disagree with you that your work can not compare to the "professional egg artists". Your work is quite outstanding, and you should not complain. It is obvious that you put planning,time and effort into your work too, which is what any professional must do. Why sell yourself short? You are creative and you are a unique artist also.
DJ, Thank you for the kind words. I assume you are referring to my Spidey Egg, and the previous comments. However, I think you mis-read the authors, as I am NOT the one who commented negatively about Spidey. Thank you again for the compliments. Very much appreciated!! KelllBelll
WTG Kell! *****
Beautiful, original, creative.......awesome!
I really like the egg. Just a suggestion...better pics would be nice.
This is a true instructable! Very well documented and one of a kind fresh idea. Kudos and stars to you!
I love it! Very unique and well done.<br/><br/>5 stars for you<br/><ul class="curly"><li>* * * *</li></ul>
<strong>WOW !!!</strong> what a cool egg!!! great idea !! totally awesome!!<br/>
great job. it sounds like you have a Lot of patience.
Thanks! Yes, patience is a must. I should definately add that to the necessary supply list.
WoW! Nice job! This is a plus 5!
Thanks Cow!
we actually try to avoid that.
neat project though I have to wonder about the safety of sucking raw egg into your mouth.

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