Picture of Fabric Art
Andy Warhol once said, "Art is whatever you can get away with". This is my version of abstract fabric art. Use your imagination and see what you come up with. Just remember that the smaller the pieces are, the longer it will take to sew around each one. Get creative! 
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Step 1: Supplies needed

Picture of supplies needed
Art with fabric 001.jpg
For this project you will need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, wonder-under fusible webbing (purchased by the yard) cotton fabric scraps or old shirts. pins and an old painting on a canvas. I confess, this was my attempt at painting a colorful picture. It just didn't turn out like I wanted. Wood framed canvas is not cheap, I could either paint over it or throw it away. I chose to cover it with fabric. 

Step 2: Cutting up the fabric

Picture of cutting up the fabric
Art with fabric 010.jpg
For the background piece, allow 2" extra on all 4 sides for wrapping around and gluing to the back. Place a safety pin where the corners of the canvas will be. Iron on some fusible webbing, paper side up, to the wrong side of the fabric. peel the paper off and place a piece of fabric onto this. Iron this down. This step strengthens the fabric without adding bulk to the sides and corners. 

Step 3: Ironing on the fusible webbing

Picture of Ironing on the fusible webbing
Art with fabric 007.jpg
Iron a piece of fusible webbing onto a fabric scrap paper side up. I used about 3 yards of fusible webbing for this project. 

Step 4: Cutting out the different shapes

Picture of cutting out the different shapes
Cut out different sized shapes. If you have a particular design in mind figure out before what colors you want where. It might be helpful to draw your design on a piece of paper first.

Step 5: Peeling the paper off the back of the shapes

Picture of peeling the paper off the back of the shapes
After you get the shapes cut out then you peel the paper backing off. If it does not peel off easily, try ironing it again. 

Step 6: Arranging the design

Picture of Arranging the design
Arrange your pieces and then re-arrange until you get them the way you like.

Step 7: Ironing the pieces to the background

Picture of Ironing the pieces to the background
Art with fabric 020.jpg
Art with fabric 021.jpg
Art with fabric 022.jpg
The fusible webbing keeps the fabric from slipping around while sewing it down to the background fabric. Make sure you iron the fusible side down, otherwise it will stick to the iron and make an awful mess. 
elewis032 years ago
This is so neato!
Oooh, that looks really fun! Great idea :)