Picture of Fabric Chess / Velcro Chess
Hello World,

My first few steps in to DIY were chess set's. Somehow it is easy, fun and there are many different was to do it.

This fabric chess I made mainly for portability.

A list of things you need

- Felt
- A Band of Velcro (as broad and wide as you wish your pieces)
- Glue
- Scissors
- Neocolor wax crayons

Step 1: Making the board

Picture of making the board
I located a simple chess board vector graphic and formated it to the appropriated size.

Given that I already knew what kind of velcro tape I had available I resized it to fit with that one.

If you buy everything from scratch I am sure you will see more possibilities.

Also I wanted it small and light so I could easily carry it along in my bag.

Then I taped it on to the felt and started working row by row.

Cutting & Colouring

I used black felt so I had to cut and colour the white field of my board.

FeniXb33 years ago
I love the idea of using velcro in portable version of the game. Was that your own idea to use it?

I think I'll use velcro in some travel games versions. ^^
Picture-Bandit (author)  FeniXb33 years ago
Actually, I don't reminder to well.

But I think... It was my idea... instead of magnetism... which is quite commen with travel-games. And of course I had it in the house ;)

Sry, for my reply delay but I have so many online-existences, sometimes it is hard to keep track of them all.