Picture of Fabric Flower Corsages and Boutonnieres
Here's the skinny on how to make corsages and boutonnieres from fabric flowers. I made about 50 flowers for the wedding from three different types of fabric in three different patterns: purple crepe back satin, purple polka dot chiffon, white polka dot satin. My bouquet used 18 of them, and the rest went into these.

What you need:
-fabric flowers - I made mine using the tutorial here

-glue gun with glue sticks

-spare fabric with some weight, or some felt - I used extra crepe back satin for both projects

-thin elastic

-thin ribbon

-pin backs for the boutonnieres

I also made leaves to go behind the flowers in the boutonnieres. I think they add a nice touch that makes it more than just a flower. These are just rectangular pieces of fabric gathered and glued on one end for dimension, and cut into a tapered leaf shape on the other.
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Step 1: Making the boutonnieres

Picture of Making the boutonnieres

Take your fabric flower, glue the leaf to the back. Take your pin, open it up, and, using hot glue, glue it so that the pin is straight across and the leaf is in the lower left hand corner. Take a small rectangle of fabric and hot glue it over the pin back so that the pin back is sandwiched between the flower and the fabric. The pin itself should be up and out of the way so it doesn't get glued.

Once the glue is dry, you can close the pin. You can skip the extra fabric step, but I think it gives the flower more stability, and makes it less likely that the pin will pop off the back.

Step 2: Making the Corsages

Picture of Making the Corsages

For the ladies' corsages, I used one of each flower to give them a fuller look. I didn't like the idea of the girls carrying mini bouquets, so this was a nice compromise. 

First step is to take the backing piece of fabric and cut two slits in it. Cut a piece of elastic approximately 8" long, and a piece of ribbon approximately 20" long. Feed both pieces through the slits in the fabric.

love them
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thats so easly don
can i have the idea ?coz i love parenting hand made staff
ill share min with u
this is velvet +fabric flowers
hop u like it
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