Fabric Ladder


Introduction: Fabric Ladder

Have a ton of fabric but no way or money to organize it? All you need are wooden dowels and a couple wooden posts!

1. Take the wooden posts and make a mark every 5 inches, on the inside so that they are facing each other.
2. Drill holes (the size of your dowels) at every mark.
3. Roll your fabric on the dowels.
4. Put dowels inside the holes you drilled.
5. Appreciate your organized fabric!



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    4 Discussions

    Finally! I have all kinds of fabric but I've been keeping it in tubs. Every time I need fabric for a project, I have to dig through all of it. This will make it easy to see what I have or need. I think I even have all the materials to build a couple of these. Thank you so much for this!!

    Simply creative !!

    awesome. So many times I've known I have fabric somewhere and couldn't find it until after. This is attractive too.

    This is great, and so simple, the simple ideas are always the best.
    thanks for sharing