Step 8: Hints

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Weave matters. The tighter the weave the more detail you will have in your print.

Poke just a small hole in the top of the Citra-Solv bottle so the stuff doesn't evaporate too fast and so you have more control as you pour it into that shallow dish.

Iron your fabric before you start printing because you really need a flat smooth surface.

If you are printing on a T-shirt put something inside the shirt so you don't have ink bleeding through to the back of the shirt.

I know you will ask but no, you cannot use this technique with stuff you print out from your inkjet printer. I tried it and nothing happens, no ink transfers because no ink dissolves. Laser printers I do not know about - try it and let us know.

An Addtional Note: I tried this technique with a color laser copy (not to be confused with a color laser print, which I have not tried yet) and there was no transfer at all. The color copy (from Kinkos) was a few years old. A brand new copy may have a dfferent effect.

Remember that if you are printing an image with words on it that they (the words) will print in reverse. Actually the image will print in reverse too. You probably already knew that but just in cae you didn't, make them backwards before you make your copy so you can read them. Some really great copiers have this feature - so if yours does, use it. You will only forget one time.
lainey3102 years ago
HELP, I have a samsung color lazer multi format printer, lazer

I printed out a page from graphic fairy, bought the citra solv did everything you did and got nothing/

what am I doing wrong

Ninzerbean (author)  lainey3102 years ago
It's a printer, not a copier - your Samsung - you say so yourself. Please read the comments, you will find a lot of information there about the difference between copiers and printers and inks, toners, carbon based toners etc. I do not know what a graphic fairy is, is it is a place you went and had your printed image copied and if you asked them if they were using a color copier or a simple black and white one?
sorry graphic fairy is a web site that you could print images off ofon your computer, so your saying that a printer could not be used for this project, could you tell me if I take a copy of the print to a printing place would they make one that will work, Thanks for your help, Idid read alot ofthe comments but
I guess Im still not understanding,
Ninzerbean (author)  lainey3102 years ago
Sorry to put you off like this but you really must read all of the comments to get the best understanding,otherwise I'm repeating myself.
ink_mama5 years ago
I purchased Citra-Solve from a vendor on Amazon and it arrived as a Rubbermaid Orange Cleaner and Degreaser, not Citra-Solve.  Do you have any idea if this will work or does it need to be Citra-Solve?  Thanks!
Ninzerbean (author)  ink_mama5 years ago
I am sorry that I have no idea - I think you should contact the Citra-Solv folks though and tell them what happened, I am sure they will investigate, I would return it on principle and ask for my postage to be refunded as well.  
thanks for this, i wanted to silkscreen shirts, but it was so hard. this seems like a great idea. i am totally going to try it.
Ninzerbean (author)  crafthooligan1115 years ago
I have to caution you - it's not the same. I silk screen a lot, this technique gives a different effect and it's not as fast, it's a softer look, kinda vintage, i just want to make sure you know that it is not a substitute, it is just different.
i get it, i kinda like the softer look more...
no_fear5 years ago
If you can't use ink jet and you haven't tried laser jet, what kind were you using? Those are the only 2 that I know of.