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I had a bunch of old jeans and decided to cut them up and make a picture with jean squares
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
-Jeans or any fabric. For Bill I used jean and raincoat.
-weld bond or glue
- Metre stick
-Patience as I have 18 hours into bill.

For Bill I needed 329 squares. I used jean for his paints. The smooth part of the rain jacket for the skin and the reverse of the coat for the black lines. Mark and cut how every many squares you need.

Step 2: Make A Grid On Your Canvas

Picture of Make A Grid On Your Canvas
photo-2013-09-07 4:22 PM.jpg
Using your Metre stick draw a grid on your canvas and fill in your outline.

Step 3: Glue The Squares

Picture of Glue The Squares
photo-2013-09-07 4:22 PM.jpg
I glued the jean first, the skin second, and the black outline for last. Once dry paint white. And background black. Once that's dry I used a weldbond/water mixture to make a clear coat and covered the whole canvas

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint
photo-2013-09-07 4:22 PM.jpg
photo-2013-09-07 4:22 PM.jpg
With a coat of white over the black. And then another coat of clearcoat.

Step 5: Paint Background Yellow

Picture of Paint Background Yellow
With final coat of weldbond to give plastic texture.

Step 6: Make Your Favorite Characters

Picture of Make Your Favorite Characters
photo-2014-07-14, 8:07 PM.jpg
Boo is made entirely of jeans also link with colored jeans

Step 7: Get Creative

Picture of Get Creative
I used an old puzzle to make Mario.

Step 8:

These are amazing and I have so many nerdy friends who would love this for their b-day
poofrabbit1 year ago
These are all really cool but I really LOVE the Mario!!!