Fabric Transfer DIY





Introduction: Fabric Transfer DIY

Here's a very easy step by step tutorial on how to transfer images onto fabric. 

I have a lot of old photographs that my parents took years ago and I felt that this was the perfect project to keep the 'vintage' feel and upcycle one of my old denim shirts by adding a picture of my mom taken in the 70's.

Step 1:

Supplies: Shirt/piece of fabric, laser printed image, Gel Medium

1. Print your favorite image with a laser printer.

Step 2:

2. Apply a thick amount of Gel Medium on the right side of the paper (so you cover the image up with the gel).

Step 3:

3. Place the paper face down onto the fabric. And let it dry for a couple of hours or overnight.

Step 4:

4. Take some water and dab it onto the paper. Use your fingers to rub the paper of. This may take a while and there will be several layers of paper to remove. Make sure you don't rub to hard, or you will scratch the image!

The image transfer probably won't come out as perfect as the original image, but I think that it suits the style and makes it look more unique.

Step 5:

Please visit www.lanaredstudio.com to see more fun DIY's!



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    Transferring pictures onto fabric , will wadhing by haandnot dedtroy the picture. Please advise.



    Does this process leave anything but ink behind? I am interested in trying this, but the fabric must not lose permeability to air. Can anyone attest to the fabric remaining breathable?

    Try bath (silicone) sealant?. You can get water proof pva glue from the builders merchant. I used to do similar with cars, spray the car with grey primer paint, put the photo on to the wet paint, leave to dry then wash the paper backing off.

    I'd like to see an I'ble regarding your gelatin based adhesive.

    Does this technique work with colour printings ?

    Can the clothes be normally washed without ruining it..?

    Technically it should be okay. I have transferred stuff to wooden coasters using PVA (same idea), it didn't feel like coming off because of water. That said, I still believe, that this would not survive machine washing, however hand washing can be done with care to sensitive area (I would avoid higher temperatures, since laser printed images can be heat transferred too).

    you could have taken a mirror image of the photograph before transferring to fabric... nice project