This fabric wallet was super easy to make, it only took about 2 hours to make. It ended up being a little bigger that i had first planned but turned out great! 
It is 8" by 4"

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Well, first of all you need to gather supplies, for this project you will need:
-small scraps of different fabrics (including 1 about 1o'' by 10"  square scrap)
-7 inch zipper
-button (mine was about 1 1/2")
-tiny piece of quilt batting or felt/thick cloth
-elastic hair tie (thin ones works better)
-clear plastic (I used a zip lock bag)
-thin cardboard (Kleenex box worked great!)
-color coordinated thread
-fusible interfacing (i don't know if it really does anything...but i put it on)
-sewing machine
-cutting mat and rotary cutter(you can use scissors, but a rotary cutter is easier)
This is a wonderful step by step. Thank you so much for sharing! My Aunt can't wait to make one!
Very cute wallet. I love any project that uses fabric scraps. You could also use plastic canvas instead of the cardboard if you wanted.
I have a waterproof substitution suggestion for the cardboard that may also provide RFID-reader protection (as mentioned in susanrm's comment). Cut a rectangle of the desired size from a clean, dry, empty pet kibble or coffee bean bag with a foil/mylar lining (more substantial than a chip bag). If you want greater stiffness and don't care about the RFID issue, you could cut the piece from discarded clamshell-style plastic packaging. It is thin, relatively pliable, abundant, and not readily recycled yet in many areas.
This is a beautiful wallet! Thanks for sharing:) 5 Stars!
Excellent wallet! Add a layer of aluminum foil in there to make it RFID-reader-proof.

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